Police officers leave the crime scene where four bodies were discovered on Monday. (inset) is Guimar Jose Rausseo Marcano, who were killed in New Grant along with her boyfriend and two other.

Almost two months after a man appeared in court for allegedly killing four people at New Grant, another man has been detained in the case by police.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on Friday, and is in custody of Homicide Region III detectives.

The quadruple killing of Guimar Jose Rausseo Marcano, Darnel Mitchell, Jose Serrano and Aaron George occurred on May 25, at Daly Road, New Grant, Princes Town. Anthony Mitchell, aka “Pookie”, of St Croix Road, appeared in court in July charged with the murders.

The second man detained is also of St Croix Road, police said.

The arrest of Anthony Mitchell was a joint effort by homicide detectives and officers of the TTPS units of the RAU, CSMU, Southern Division, Northern Division, SORT, and other internal and external partners.