Devon Samuel, aka Prophet Benjamin Source: Facebook

Was the cat-biting incident an elaborate ploy by Devon Samuel, aka Prophet Benjamin to release his soca tune for Carnival 2020?

Samuel says no.

Speaking to the Express on Monday, Samuel did not want to elaborate about his injuries, but wanted to squash any rumours about the incident being used as a publicity stunt for a music video.

Samuel has come out vehemently to deny those allegations, and says the injuries he sustained when he was attacked by the feline were serious enough to seek treatment in the United States.

When the Express posed the question: Was this staged to promote a music video?

Samuel said, “No, no that is not true.”

The videos which have been circulating on social media have sparked a war of words between cat lovers and anti-cat supporters.

Some found the dialogue between Samuel and the ‘cat lady’ too contrived, and her wearing a dress with a cat on it in the video too coincidental.

While some people rushed to the singer's defense, the videos had many people scratching their heads and wondering how serious can a cat bite be.

The singer is now back in the country and says he is taking some time to rest and spend quality time with his family.

Despite his injuries Samuel said he was able to go in studio and do some work.

He said, “I am recovering pretty well so far. I am feeling much better now.”

“I spent some of yesterday afternoon in studio and I have to go back this afternoon because like everybody want a song from this,” he said.

Details of what transpired surrounding the incident will be released by my management team soon, he said.