The Queens Park Savannah

SO. After your two laps around the Queen’s Park Savannah you reward yourself with a bag of pholourie and now you need to know whether your two laps were a waste of time or did you actually lose a pound despite the calories.

Well B-Mobile partnered with the Ministry of Public Utilities along with the Chinese company Huawei to ensure that this vital information is at your fingertips by making the entire savannah a hotspot...and not the bad kind.

Robert Le Hunte, Public Utilities Minister described the project as a path to a smart city by first creating smart spaces.

“The Queen’s Park Savannah is iconic and is the city’s largest open space so it became the most suitable candidate for the rolling out of such a product,” he said.

Earlier B-Mobile’s CEO Dr Ronald Walcott called connectivity the new currency.

He described that the system can host up to 5000 users at five megabytes per second and will be free for the first 30 minutes and while the best covergage will be on the savannah’s footpaths, the entire savannah is covered.

He appeared pained when he said: “And no. You don’t have to be a B-mobile customer to enjoy this service.”

He said however that he believed in the power of connectivity describing it as a driver of economic growth, social inclusion and with people sharing a space while on-line it would also lead to more safety and security around the savannah with more people simply being there.