These are real police officers

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes the social media posts which suggest that Police Officers carrying out their legitimate duties, are being branded as imposters.

The CoP wishes to confirm that the men depicted in this picture are Police Officers who were carrying out a legitimate function. This photograph has been circulated via social media suggesting that the men were police imposters.

The CoP therefore reminds the public that the TTPS carries out several functions on behalf of the Ministry of Health, to manage the Covid-19 virus. Such activity is generally coordinated by Assistant Commissioner Wendell Williams throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The Police visits, coordinated by Mr Williams, are largely to restore or establish communication between County Medical Officers of Health and Covid-19 positive individuals.

Commissioner Griffith pointed out that he established a Covid Task Force in 2020 to assist the Ministry of Health, in particular to ensure among other things, that quarantined persons remain at home. He says the TTPS had received reports that persons on quarantine, or Covid-19 positive, had been seen in the public.

The CoP notes that Mr Williams is easily reachable on Covid matters. So, the Police Officer who reportedly advised the publisher of the social media posts that the TTPS has no Covid-19 Task Force, either misled the citizen or was misquoted.

The CoP says that ACP Williams coordinates a functional network of Police Officers within all Divisions and some Branches of the Police Service to fulfil those MOH requests.

Police Officers carrying out these visits, identify themselves as Police Officers. If citizens are unsure, they can ask to see the officer’s ID and badge, which the officer is obliged to produce.

Their visits are generally non-intrusive by word or action. At this level of visit, the CoP says the police officers do not board premises but communicate from a safe distance. The information they require are also simple and reasonable, and pose no risk to the citizen, the CoP adds.


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