Police officers at the scene of the triple murder.

Who shot and killed two brothers and their cousin in Wallerfield this morning?

Police say the killings were carried out by two men dressed in tactical uniforms resembling that worn by police officers.

Relatives say the men were shot dead by police officers.

“I told them to their face, that we know it was them, that we don’t trust them, and they will not get away with doing what they did,” one relative told the Express at the scene of the shooting.

Jordan Archibald, 15, his brother Dimitri Cust, 19, and their cousin, Nyron Samuel, 24, are the victims.

Marlon Cust, the 28-year-old brother of the two teenagers, is warded in a critical condition at hospital.

At about 1.30am today, officers of the Arima Police Station were told of a shooting along Mauler Street, off Demerara Road, Arima.

They found four men in the living room of a house.

The officers called for backup, and officers of the Homicide Bureau and the Northern Division, under the supervisions of ACP Belfon and Snr Sup Paul, responded.

Witnesses say a white Nissan X-Trail had pulled up to the house.

Occupants of the vehicle, dressed in police uniform, with masks over their face, exited the SUV and opened fired at the victims.


Relatives of the dead men say the three were killed by officers.

“There was a joint police exercise earlier that night, at about 7p.m. Police and soldiers were all over the area and they had their dogs and all kind of thing. They were searching for a man. We know this because they even picked up one of the boys and questioned him a bit before they released him. But before the exercise was done, the officers came and took pics (pictures) of the house, and tried to get pictures of the people around.

“Then at about 1.30 today we heard our dogs barking. We looked out the window, but didn’t see anything. But someone was there. These dogs they know everyone in the area, so they will bark at anyone strange. And they know the police and don’t like the police. The dogs barking woke up Jordan, and he came outside and asked if the police come back. I told him yes, and he just shrug and went back to bed. Fuss we didn’t take it one because we didn’t have anything to worry about. Next thing I know is two men breaking through the windows. Both men, tall strong men, masked down, and in police uniforms. One point his guns at me and my grandmother, while the other went in the room, and deal with (shot) everyone,” the Express was told.

The two masked men left in the white SUV.

When relatives went into the room they found all four relatives in the room bleeding.

There was also a toddler in the room.

The young child was unharmed.

“She was in the room on her bed. She was screaming down the place when it all finished, but she was not hurt,” the Express was told.

Relatives said they called for emergency health services, and within minutes police were on the scene.

“That was by itself another red flag. The police appear here within minutes. They are never that fast to anything. So to me that means they were already in the area. And then furthermore, while the responding police were in the yard, I overheard their conversations. One man was on the phone telling someone, ‘like it’s the wrong fellas they kill. They kill the chupid men, not the ones we wanted’. A next man, while we standing right there, was on his phone saying ‘they come and kill them before I could do it’. In what world are these things you would say on a scene while family are still there, crying and hurting? So to me, it have no doubt. They did it,” the Express was told.