Gary Griffith

Flashback, May 18: Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith displays two illegal weapons during a news conference at Police Administration Building.


A WARNING was issued to several well-known, “persons of interest,” on Friday night by Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith who had them detained following the circulation of threats on social media.

The message titled, “Town will burn to the ground,” claimed that gang members in and around Port of Spain preparing for, “all out war,” after a, “truce,” had broken down.

The message which carried the aliases of gang leaders claimed that some residents in Duncan Street, Nelson Street, Mango Rose and St Paul and Basilon Streets in east Port of Spain had moved out.

While the police said that, “there is no intelligence to verify these alleged threats,” they still prepared anyway.

In a statement carried on social media yesterday police said that: “Immediately upon receipt of this information, Ag DCP Joanne Archie held a coordinating meeting with various specialised and intelligence units, including Guard and Emergency Branch, Special Investigations Unit, SIU, the Inter Agency Task Force, Port of Spain CID, Highway Patrol Branch and the Port of Spain Division Task Force.”

Police said that after the meeting, “several persons of interest were brought into the Besson Street and St. Joseph Police Stations.”

Griffith later visited both stations, where he made it clear to them that the “police will not tolerate any plans among groups to cause any mayhem and destruction.”

Griffith said he received hundreds of messages from concerned members of the public about the veracity of the threats.

He said, “if the messages circulating had any truth, the TTPS will move swiftly to take down any attempts to escalate any gang-related criminal activity that brings inconvenience to the public.”

Griffith said that he reminded the “persons of interest” of the attempts made at the end of June 2020, which were met with immediate resistance by the police.