Rosemary Coutou-Figaro

Rosemary Coutou-Figaro

The COVID-19 coronavirus has claimed the lives of three more Trinidad and Tobago nationals living in New York, including a registered nurse.

At least 10 Trinidadians have died in New York in recent weeks, due to complications from the virus.

Rosemary Coutou-Figaro, who was employed at the Kings Brook Hospital in Brooklyn, died on April 9.

She had tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks before.

Relatives said Coutou-Figaro, who was originally from south Trinidad, was admitted to hospital will flu-like symptoms in mid-March. She returned home and was readmitted after her condition worsened a week later.

She developed pneumonia and a chest infection. The mother of two was 52 years old.

Frankie Emanuel Jacob, 61, was tested positive for the virus in March. He lost his battle on Wednesday.

The Express contacted Jacob's brother, Paul Jacob, who lives in Trinidad.

He said his brother migrated to the United States in 1990. He lived at Eastern Quarry, Laventille.

"He came to Trinidad in February and he was in good spirits. He was always a healthy man. This is very sad for the family," the brother said.

Jacob was employed as a bus driver in Brooklyn, New York.

Retired New York Transit Authority technicians Winford Atherley also passed away due to complications from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Atherly, 72, migrated to Brooklyn, New York several years ago.

He was the uncle of Local Government councillor for Pleasantville, Robert Paris.

Relatives said Atherly began experiencing symptoms and was being cared for by his wife, a registered nurse.

But his condition worsened and he was taken to hospital and placed on a ventilator. He died days later.