new car

NEW FLEET: One of the new fleet of Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) vehicles that was revealed by the TTPS at the Police Academy, Samaan Drive, St James, following yesterday's launch. -Photos and video by: DONSTAN BONN

Officers of the TT Police Service (TTPS) are expected to benefit in 2020 from the opening of a 24/7 hospital for the service.

This was revealed by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith yesterday during a press briefing at the police administration building.

At the time, Griffith was supported by Superintendent Wayne Mystar and Director of Legal, Christian Chandler.

The Commissioner said that use of the hospital, with equipment which would be procured as well as donated, would save tax-payers money, as officers would no longer have to go to private institutions for treatment where costs were typically “ten times higher”.

He said the hospital was expected to be opened by the end of January, and would be open 24/7 and accessible for all officers.

Furthermore, there were plans to establish a health plan for officers to access this new facility.

Griffith said he was hopeful that this would lead to the increase in morale throughout the police service.

The Commissioner also went on to note that 2020 would see several benefits for the TTPS, including a restructuring of the TTPS with the implementation of several new units.


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