Killed: Ravi Ramkissoon

RAVI Ramkissoon only had the alias of a man who threatened to kill him, and went to police to report the incident.

Ramkissoon’s childhood friend and member of Parliament for Couva south Rudranath Indarsingh said that the threats came through days later.

And Ramkissoon’s blood was on their hands.

Ramkissoon, 49, a father of two, was shot multiple times in the head and chest outside his home on Thursday.

The ‘hit’ was carried out on Thursday afternoon when Ramkissoon was caught off-guard while reversing his van into the garage of his home at Basta Hall Road.

The killer ran down the street and escaped, as residents over rushed to help Ramkissoon.

Ramkissoon’s wife and one of their sons came out of the house to see him bleeding and slumped across the road.

His other son arrived home from work to find out his father was shot.

Police officers responded and took Ramkissoon him to the Couva District Health Facility where he was pronounced dead.

The killing has left his family distraught, with his wife being taken for medical attention on Friday.

The couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary three weeks ago.

He was employed as a driver Proman at Point Lisas for at least 25 years.

Many of Ramkissoon’s relatives and friends gathered in the garage of his house on Friday, and sat among the raw materials that Ramkissoon had recently purchased to extend his house.

The relatives at the house declined to speak about the killing.

Indarsingh was at his office with other constituents about to campaign that evening for the upcoming local government elections when they were told of the shooting.

Indarsingh said relatives told him that on Monday Ramkissoon had an altercation with a man who threatened him.

The MP was told that the alleged offender previously lived at Sea Lots and had recently moved to Couva.

“Mr Ramkissoon went to make a report at the Couva Police Station after he was threatened by a man last week. He did not have the man’s name, only his alias and the police turned him away. If the police has any sense of empathy and training, they should have used to alias to find out more information from the community and warn the individual. But instead the criminals are ruling the roost”, said Indarsingh.

“The Basta Hall community has gone into a shell. On one hand the police service is asking the public to work with them, and on the other hand hardworking people are getting murdered. I hope the Commissioner of Police would inquire further about what happened at the Couva police station. I doubt whoever was responsible will come forward, but will now want to cover their wicket”, the MP said.

Indarsingh described Ramkissoon as a “soft-spoken, reserved and dedicated family man”, who was a model resident in his community.

Officers of Homicide Region III are seeking to retrieve closed circuit television footage of the incident and trace the killer.