Candidate Anil Juteram

ANIL Juteram, the United National Congress candidate for Vega de Oropouche, is claiming that he was advised that he can cast two ballots on election day.

Juteram made the claim to the media after he cast his vote on Monday morning at the Sangre Civic Centre.

Juteram said that he was given the advice by a presiding officer at the polling station.

“When I went to cast my ballot of the area Sangre Grande north east, I reside in the area of Sangre Grande north east. After I completed my voting I was approached by a presiding officer. She gave me a little touch on my shoulder. She said ‘Mr Juteram, are you going to vote twice today?’. She said that as a businessman that you are entitled to vote twice. This is news to me”, he told reporters.

Juteram said the presiding officer went to on explain to him that there is a document stating such from Elections and Boundaries Commission.

He said she told him that that he would be able to vote in the area in which his business was, if it was different to his residence.

Minister of Local Government and People’s National Movement co-ordinator for San Fernando Kazim Hosein said that he had not heard of such a privilege.

“Every man or woman in this country had one vote. And I don’t see how someone can have two votes on election day”, said Hosein.

“In my view I don’t know how that can happen. That is my personal view”, said Hosein. “I just heard about it and I think that is a legal issue. I think the lawyers will have to deal with that. I don’t have that legal background. But I am sure that we have things in place to ensure the proper results or that”.

Hosein spoke to the media after casting his vote at the San Fernando Central Secondary School alongside his brother Ryaad Hosein, candidate for Les Efforts East I the San Fernando City Corporation.