The cake vs the cake

Trinidad and Tobago recently had its own version of the popular American food show, Cake Wars.

And it all went down on social media.

Some people believe the old adage – ‘the customer is always right’ but one customer took it a step further, and decided to drive home the point, and see if the cake could stand up to public scrutiny on the internet.

The gallery of public opinion did not pull any punches as memes and jokes about a basketball-themed cake went viral.

A Facebook post by Dana Pierre on Saturday about a cake she order from a small business called Oh Yum Yum for her partner’s birthday virtually opened a floodgate of comments online. She attached two photos showing what she wanted and what she actually got.

It seems cake is a topic that warrants serious discussion for many Trinidadians as several users joined Pierre in her outrage about the $550 cake.

It even caught the attention of international entertainment news website - The Shade Room. The online media entity showcased it on its edition of “What I Asked For versus What I Got” segment.

Pierre in her post on Saturday said, “The specifications I suggested and literally nothing was similar!”

“The cake was less than five inches and I specifically asked for eight to 10 inches. The ball was out of foam and not cake. Cheeseballs were used as (decorative) balls. The nets were made out of literal paper. The cake was smudged.”

In her post, Pierre said a friend recommended the establishment. In wanting to support small business owners, she ordered a cake early December to be collected on Christmas Eve.

She sent a photo of what she wanted to the cake artist to be replicated, but Pierre says it looked nothing like the photo.

The Express reached out to the owner of Oh Yum Yum for a response on the situation, but all calls went to voicemail.

The company posted a response about the situation on Saturday on their Facebook page, denying several claims made by Pierre, saying it had screenshots and WhatsApp voice notes to prove it.

The company claims Pierre agreed to accept a six-inch cake. She also agreed to the use of corn curls in place of fondant.

The establishment also claimed it was made clear to the customer that the basketball section of the cake would not be edible.

After expressing her dissatisfaction, Pierre said she was offered a cake value at $350 as compensation.

I requested monetary compensation. She stated that I could only get a cake worth $350 as a compensation. She refuses to give me back my money and I refuse to take another cake from her- when a cake this quality has been prepared.

This is my review as a dissatisfied customer and I will not like this to happen to anyone else.

“She refuses to give me back my money, and I refuse to take another cake from her – when a cake this quality has been prepared.”

The company also posted a picture of the cake done for Pierre on its Facebook’s page.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“Wow! I am in awe. How are you even trying to justify this madness….Nothing about the cake is appealing on first sight. Really you need to take responsibility for the situation and approach your business interactions much better. Who creates catastrophe like this and still finds a way to justify it.”

“Isn’t foam toxic?"

“$550 for $1 cheeseballs, some paper you had in your house, and a piece of foam Courts give you, and the cake smaller than the piece of foam, and you charge $550 for that…..Now self I skying that in your yard.”

“Madam Yum Yumm I must say we all learn from our mistakes we improved by getting it better everyday ... first of all when doing video make sure you use table cloth and cover yourself remember it’s customer service and your dealing with people in not here to bash but if the health sees this you’ll be inspected but next time just try not to bash your customer remember there’re always right.”


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