Kadijah Ali

Khadijah Ali, 59, of Westmoorings.

A Westmoorings woman who allegedly claimed she could convert TT currency to US currency, has been charged with fraud and larceny. 

Khadijah Ali, 59, also allegedly falsely claimed that she was employed with the judiciary, and that she would obtain bail for someone. 

Ali was charged by Fraud Squad detectives with two offences of fraudulent conversion and one offence of larceny.

She was granted $300,000 bail before a Justice of the Peace on Friday. 

The offences alleged that Ali engaged in fraudulent conversion amounting to $284,300, and larceny in the sums of $80,000 and US$2,500.

Police said that during the period May 9 to December 12, 2019, Ali was allegedly paid sums totalling $284,300 from two victims, who were made to believe that she could convert the money into US currency.

Efforts by the victims to obtain the US currency or refunds proved futile.

Police said it was later discovered that Ali allegedly used the funds for her own use and benefit.

Also, between the period August 17 and 22, 2018, a victim allegedly paid Ali a total of $80,000 after she led him to believe that she was employed in the judiciary and was in a position to obtain bail on behalf of his daughter.

When Ali failed to deliver on her promise, the victim discovered she was never in a position to access bail and efforts to obtain a refund of the money from the accused proved futile.

The three victims made individual reports to the Fraud Squad and an investigation was launched.

Ali was arrested on March 3 during a police exercise conducted in the Port of Spain Division, under the supervision of Snr Supt Arlet Groome. 

Ali was charged with the three offences by W/Cpl Lazarus on March 5.

The case was postponed to April 5th, when she is expected to appear virtually before a Port of Spain Magistrate.