POLICE are searching for four men who raped a woman and beat her husband with a hammer during a home invasion in south Trinidad early Saturday.

The victim and her husband, who are farmers, were robbed of their farm animals, as well as electronics and jewellery.

were asleep when they were the criminals pretended to be police officers and pounced on them.

A police report said that around 1.15 a.m. the couple heard “Police! Police! Open the door!”

The couple heard a smashing noise and then saw the criminals – wearing hoodies, bandanas, and dark clothing – in their house.

One of the men beat the husband with a hammer, then bound his hands and feet.

The woman was then pushed into a bedroom where she was sexually assaulted by all of the men.

The criminals then stole the couple’s electronics a quantity of jewellery, as well as three goats valued $3,300 and six ducks valued $900, which they packed into the couple’s car and escaped.

Police were contacted and WPCs De Bourg and Rajkumar and other officers of the San Fernando CID responded.

WPC Dr Bourg is continuing investigations.


Eleven more people have died of Covid-19.

The May death toll of 66 people includes the tragedy of two sisters dying days apart, a police officer and a Point Fortin Borough Corporation driver, among others.

COVID-19 claimed the life of a 49-year-old acting inspector of police yesterday bringing the total to two police officers who have died as a result of the on-going pandemic this month alone.

Dozens of people rushed to public healthcare facilities across the East-West Corridor yesterday to get tested for Covid-19 as the virus continued its aggressive spread.

As Covid-19 cases continue to sky-rocket, the Ministry of Health has taken steps to increase bed capacity at hospitals and step-down facilities to ensure sufficient space is available to treat Covid-19 patients.