Study: EV Drivers Happy with Charging Options

According to the inaugural J.D. Power U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study, most EV owners are satisfied with the ease of public charging, but satisfaction with the availability of public charging stations is mixed. (Volvo)

Shifting from a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle (EV) means rethinking some of the basic interactions drivers are used to having with their cars. How you put energy into the "tank" is a big one, and that's one reason why J.D. Power recently conducted a study of EV owners to understand how satisfied they are with the various public charging options.

Most electric vehicle charging happens at home, so public charging is a rare or perhaps even non-existent venture for some EV drivers. But not everyone can install a home charger, which means reliable public charging is a vital component of broader EV adoption. Enter the J.D. Power U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study, released this week.

In conducting the study, J.D. Power surveyed verified owners of plug-in vehicles to determine their satisfaction with two different kinds of public charging: Level 2 charging stations and DC fast charger stations. These public charging options were scored on a 1,000-point scale, with higher numbers representing better outcomes.

Tesla came out on top in both categories, scoring 689 for its "Destination" Level 2 chargers and 733 for its network of Superchargers. Drivers also felt that public EV charging stations are relatively easy to use, with DC fast charging scoring 737 and Level 2 stations compiling a score of 716. J.D. Power believes that the good score for Level 2 charging means that current EV owners understand the differences in how the two types of chargers work, and they're not unhappy just because Level 2 is so much slower at charging an EV.

The DC fast charging networks with the highest satisfaction are, in order, Tesla Superchargers (733), ChargePoint (659), Electrify America (644), and EVgo (592). For Level 2 stations, Tesla (689) was followed by Volta (674), ChargePoint (660), SemaConnect (639), and, finally, Blink (535).

As more automakers add EVs to their lineups, they might start to look to surveys like this to decide what charging network operators with which to partner. Tesla is off in its own world, but that might be changing. However, other automakers usually include some level of free or reduced-cost charging with the purchase of a new EV. Volvo, for example, offers 250 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of complimentary charging at Electrify America stations for buyers of new 2022 full electric Recharge models. Also, all of Volvo's plug-in vehicles can access the ChargePoint network to charge and pay at over 80 percent of all Level 2 chargers in the United States.

Not surprisingly, when EV drivers have access to free electricity, they have a better opinion of public charging. J.D. Power found that satisfaction with DC fast charging went from a solid 706 when it was free to 673 when it cost money. Level 2 charging was even less popular when it wasn't free, dropping from 668 with no cost to 586 when drivers needed to pay. "Free charging, either offered through manufacturer incentives or as a result of a charge point operator's business model, presents a significant advantage in the public charging experience," the company said in a press release.

J.D. Power surveyed 6,647 battery electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid owners for the EVX Public Charging Study, conducted between January and June 2021.


There is a new process for the selection of the Police Commissioner.

The Government has revoked the controversial June 2021 Commissioner of Police (Selection Process) Order, as well as the 2009 Order, and has replaced them with a new revised Order, titled Legal Notice 277 of November 25, 2021 Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Selection Process) Order.

A PRISON officer with 26 years of service was shot dead yesterday in front of his fruit and vegetable stall in Valencia.

He is the 26th prison officer to be murdered in the last 30 years.

Police said around 1.30 p.m. Trevor Serrette, 48, of Sangre Grande was sitting behind the counter at the stall located off the Eastern Main Road, Valencia. He was there with a 64-year-old relative and a friend when a white Nissan AD Wagon with two men stopped in front.

With four days still to go, November 2021 is now officially the deadliest month of the Covid-19 pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago.

Another 21 deaths were reported by the Ministry of Health yesterday, which pushed the death toll this month to 365, surpassing June’s total of 352.

Although stores did not see the usual crowds of people rushing to capitalise on Black Friday sales as was the custom pre-pandemic, Covid-19 did not stop many Trinis from capitalising on the sales yesterday.

Stores such as PriceSmart, Courts, Ashley Furniture Homestore, Massy Stores, TruValu and Detour all participated in the Black Friday tradition of having a huge one-day sale after Thanksgiving in the US.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s address to the nation on Thursday night has been met with mixed reactions across social media.

Many commenters said they tuned in to the 45-minute address eagerly anticipating the announcement of new measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 amidst rising cases and deaths, but were left baffled as they said the PM only repeated statistics and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

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