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As a member and officer of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, I’m working with my comrades from the different branches that make up my company, T&TEC.

For those accustomed to an interior life, that is, living without need for external stimulation, the enforced isolation of a lockdown has been little more than an inc…

We applaud the members of the private sector who are rising to the challenge of the national Covid-19 emergency by taking action at the expense of their bottom line.

There have a been a lot of accusations from the Minister of Health that the Opposition, especially its leader, is attempting to derail Trinidad and Tobago’s Covid-19 …

With Trinidad and Tobago recording its highest ever coronavirus death rate on Thursday, I urge all citizens to accept whatever Covid-19 vaccine is available and being offered at this time.

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It should be clear to the Government by now that current public health measures are not working and that the Covid-19 crisis ­engulfing us requires a more targeted response focused squarely on curbing movement.

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We are living in perilous times. Stress levels are running high while patience is running low.

Many people all around the world are itching to get back to life as it used to be before this deadly pandemic arrived.

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During our Friday briefing with the Ministry of Health concerning Covid-19, there was something that was very constant coming from those addressing the public. It was the way citizens should conduct themselves in this pandemic.


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