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Any money belonging to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and, more importantly, future generations of Trinidad and Tobago, cannot and must not be wasted on the instal…

DESPITE A loophole for it to do something else, the expectation is that the government will further tighten the Covid-19 protocols when the restrictions it announced …

The first of its kind throughout Caricom, the Domestic Violence Act came into effect in August 1991 in Trinidad and Tobago. This act was intended to provide urgent protection to people in families, primarily women, who were being abused. 

It has taken all of nine years but, finally, the law providing for electronic monitoring is being activated.

Emancipation Day, August 1, celebrates the formal end of slavery in the British Caribbean in 1834 and the final termination of the quasi-slavery “Apprenticeship” in 1838. 

During the Parade of Nations at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, a special group of extraordinary athletes crossed the stage.


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