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During the Parade of Nations at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, a special group of extraordinary athletes crossed the stage.

Bernard Linley has authored a book entitled Trinidad and Tobago Athletics History, which would be relevant at any time, but is especially so now because the country i…

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Emancipation Day in T&T is well worth commemorating as a national holiday. While the celebrations serve to remind us of our history, the holiday provides a chance to look to the future.

In 2017, president general of the All Trinidad General Workers’ Trade Union, Nirvan Maharaj, said people should recognise the efforts of African ancestors who carved a life from a society based on systems that were calculated to always keep them at the bottom. Emancipation Day should be celebrated as a victory for the descendants of the formerly enslaved.

I have termed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his Finance Minister Colm Imbert the “Diego Martin dinosaurs”, politicians “intellectually fossilised by fossil fuels” who failed to see the global energy revolution threatening the nation’s economy, about which I warned repeatedly for five years.

I got vaccinated last week. I received the first of two doses of the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine. I chose the drive-through option at the Ato Boldon Stadium because it is close to my home and I didn’t have to leave the privacy or comfort of my car to queue up at any stage of the proceedings, which is helpful to people who suffer with Parkinson’s and similar neurological disorders.

There is a story about a Samaritan called “good” in the Bible because he did not walk past a suffering Jew. He had no prior relationship with the man lying beaten on the roadside, was not part of his community, yet he acted out of compassion. Giving up his rights and freedom, he helped the man recover and get on with life.


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