The one upside of the challenges facing the government of Guyana after a five-month impasse in declaring the result of the general election on March 2 is that the country’s economic growth in 2020 is projected at a whopping 52.8 per cent—surpassing all 26 Latin American and Caribbean states. This trend is likely to continue for many years to come.

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The report from the conclusion of the matter involving the firings of workers from the critical Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) is troubling and revealing at the same time, on a number of levels.

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Well, election day came, and was going to go, as voting people like me, classed as would-be, hoped to make good at the respective place for fulfilling one’s finger-re…

August 8 marked the death of Makandal Daaga, leader of the 1970 Black Power Movement in Trinidad and Tobago.

Daaga challenged the status quo that perpetuated under-development based on ethnicity, leading a mass uprising which saw Indians and Afro-Trinidadians uniting in a historic movement for change.

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We shouldn’t let the theatrics of managing Covid-19 camouflage the reality of the last five years.

At the start of their term, I warned this administration that our unprecedented economic, social and institutional challenges make “success in government more critical than at any time in our history”. But after six months, Express columnist Michael Harris found then: “It has been all talk. Foolish talk. No action.” And the Prime Minister himself confessed: “We have not really changed much. And there is a lot to be changed.”

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Tomorrow’s general election takes place at a time when the rate of spread of Covid-19 is at a high-risk level, causing more ­worry than at any other ­period since the pandemic began.

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I have been a political activist and newspaper columnist for the past 45 years. I have written for many newspapers, including the New York Amsterdam News, the New York Tribune, The New York Times, the Boston Globe and the Baltimore Sun, but I have never been subjected to as many invectives as I have received over my decision to support the UNC in this election.

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My desk was throbbing last Saturday. My coffee had not yet been consumed so I was still in my morning haze. I looked at the time: nine o’clock. The big trucks had begun. The noise, perhaps best described as some kind of soca chutney, surrounded me.

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Whew! Guyana and Suriname have new presidents. They’re awash with offshore oil, or soon will be. There are gigawatts of pent-up business energy to unleash.

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It’s election time again, and the most persuasive argument for most of us will be the historical default. Like Amy Winehouse in Back to Black, we will go back to “wha…


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