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SO, my primary school was Cumana RC school in Cumana, Toco. Childhood and my present decade are probably the decades with the most idyllic fun I have had in my life. …

You would think that a political party anywhere in the world that commands the lead stories in at least two national television newscasts per week; add for measure 20…

These days, I feel like Marvin Gaye, the singer of the 1971 Billboard hit “What’s Going On?” Confronted by the incessant kangka­lang, his lyrics become most relevant:

“Mother, mother/There’s too many of you crying/ Brother, brother, brother/ There’s far too many of you dying/ Father, father/ We don’t need to escalate/ You know we’ve got to find a way/ To bring some lovin’ here today, yeah.”

LAST August, I wrote about Wishing for Wings, the 2013 book by Debbie Jacob, and the 2022 film by Dr Kim Johnson. I’d written about the indefatigable efforts of these two in promoting the culture of this melodious, cacophonous paradox called Trinidad and Tobago. The film’s premiere was then being held at the Festival of Cinema in New York and had been nominated for Best Documentary. It had not yet been aired in its homeland.

Authoritative international bodies—among them, the respected Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)—have concluded that “democracy is under both literal and figurative assault around the world”. The countries of the Caribbean have not been exempted from this judgment, which is based on more than a decade of studies.

EVER been to Long Beach in Barbados? It’s a mile of pure white sand and crashing waves, just south of Grantley Adams airport.

Long Beach has lost 30 metres of its width since the sargassum invasion started.

Thick mats of stinking sargassum seaweed from the tropical mid-Atlantic have periodically swamped Caribbean beaches and coastal waters since 2011, reaching from Tobago, north to Florida and west to Belize and Mexico.



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