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Why did so few people vote in last week’s local government election? It was a pretty dismissive showing, and it would be enlightening to have a breakdown of who voted. I am curious about whether it is true that young people did not bother, as the political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah, was quoted in the Newsday as saying.

The bell has rung for the seven political parties that fought the local government election on Monday, resulting in a 7-7 deadlock between the two main political parties, the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC), with both parties claiming victory.

Ever sat down to do business with a convicted mass murderer, still on the loose? That’s likely to be the experience for Caricom heads of government for the next few years.

The legendary French economist Frederic Bastiat had a simple method for telling a good economist from a bad one. A bad economist only takes into consideration the visible effect of policies. 

TOMORROW will mark the first anniversary of the return of Buju Banton to his home, Jamaica, and to the welcoming arms of his overjoyed fans globally. Buju’s return to “yaad” from that crucial period of exile stands as an important moment in Jamaica’s musical and cultural history, and underscores a critical component of his ascendance to the true halls of legendary status within Jamaica’s musical landscape.

IN very late 2014 a small group of citizens, well-known civil society professionals, met to discuss the state of Trinidad and Tobago with a view to beginning a proces…

The 2019 local government elections are over, and they have left the United National Congress (UNC) crowing but the People’s National Movement (PNM) hurting.

POLICE Commissioner Gary Griffith and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi have apologised to the residents of Gulf View, in La Romaine, whose homes were raided in May as police searched for a kidnap victim.


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