The United States has enjoyed a reasonably stable political system for decades. The system is stable because a democracy responds to and thrives under democratic institutions that work. Like the institution of voting.

Voting is like is a pressure relief valve. When people believe they can vote fairly and that their votes count, they don’t generally storm the Bastille.

On the other hand, if people believe their democracy is a hoax—voting a mere charade under a system that was rigged by a small group of powerful, corrupt players, then what we are seeing happening now in the US can happen anywhere.

For months Americans were told by Democrats and the media mob it was okay to conceptualise violence in the name of ideology; to burn Wendy’s, loot Macy’s and Target; empty grocery stores and shops; to incinerate precinct houses, federal courthouses and churches; to set up “the Chaz” and other “Republics” spanning entire blocks, denying citizens access to their own businesses; to burn and loot entire city blocks throughout the country; to bust up the faces of innocent bystanders and to drive your vehicle into police officers.

The media mob and Democrats mocked when a mob led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters attempted to storm the White House and the President had to be evacuated. When Republican members of Congress were surrounded by a threatening mob upon exiting the Republican National Convention, Democrats called the incident “exaggerated”.

When California Democratic representative Maxine Waters and other like-minded sycophants encouraged democrats to “go out and get in their faces”, as their supporters surely did, in several restaurants and public places, there was no condemnation of these actions by Democrats.

Now, the US Congress must be treated as sacrosanct. The history and the majesty of the Capitol building, its symbolic place as the seat of democracy, is now to be taken seriously. “This is not who we are.”

I beg to differ. This is exactly who you are. Lying, hypocritical inciters of the most despicable kind. A Wendy’s franchisee, as much as that battered Korean shopkeeper, is entitled to have his property rights as respected as the US Congress. It’s called equality of treatment under the law.

Nancy Pelosi “didn’t care about old statues” when anarchists destroyed them. “Let them blow off steam,” she chimed.

These were “peaceful protesters”, said the Democratic mayors who refused Trump’s offer to send in the National Guard to quell riots. “Protest is not meant to be comfortable”, said CNN and the media mob. “Fiery but peaceful,” said the CNN reporter, as vehicles and buildings burned behind him. Don’t believe your lying eyes!

For over three years, the media and Democrats talked about Russian collusion, lying to the American people and wasting millions in phony investigations.

When it was revealed that this was part of a dirty Russian disinformation “Steele Dossier”, the media mob didn’t care. Forget that this fake dossier was used to secure four FISA warrants over the course of a year to carry out a pre-meditated fraud to spy on a presidential candidate, and then sitting president of the US with key actors, including FBI agents later admitting under enquiry that they knew it was false. Obama and Biden knew about this fake dossier since January 2017.

No one was held accountable for this egregious abuse of power.

The Democratic party sought to delegitimise the duly elected president of the US at every opportunity, accusing the president (“Hitler”) of treason, misusing the powers of impeachment; making heroes of anyone who would turn on the president and vilifying his supporters, all 74 million “redneck fools” who voted.

Rudolph Giuliani, former hero mayor of New York, loved by Democrats before he switched alliance to Trump, is now a dangerous insurrectionist.

So now you have an Orwellian digital civil war; digital genocide, starting with the president, over a highly irregular election.

Democrats filed over 300 lawsuits pre-election in key battleground states, gutting state election laws, circumventing state legislatures and getting Democrat Secretaries of State and Democrat judges to sign off of these changes, in breach of their own state constitutions.

Election rules were changed to remove safeguards that have existed to protect against election fraud for hundreds of years, by extending voting deadlines, permitting ballots to be accepted with or without postmarks, and removal of signature verification requirements, leaving the process wide open to manipulation and fraud.

Why would one party in an election push for a system, in key battleground states to remove any oversight mechanisms to prevent and detect fraud? Who benefited from deadlines being extended to days, even weeks after an election?

At the time that vote counting or “reporting” stopped on election night, Trump had a clear margin of victory: In Pennsylvania, over 682,000 votes ahead; Michigan (306,089 ahead); Georgia (301,010 ahead); Wisconsin 51.7 per cent to 46.8 per cent.

Expert testimony to the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Committee showed that batches of ballots recorded 570,000 votes for Biden with 3,200 votes for Trump; that is 99.4 per cent of votes; a huge 40 per cent less than President Trump’s election day winning percentage in nearly every county.

The pattern from election results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin showed similarly big dumps of data reported for Biden, who led with approximately 90 per cent of all ballots in, until the election was called. Data experts have called this out as “statistically impossible”. “Unprecedented”.

And what is the response of Democrats? Shut up and move on! Obey, I tell you! This is the Romanov programme. It ends badly every time.


THE effort that has been put by the Ministry of Health in managing the Covid-19 pandemic now needs to be put into fixing the national public health system.

In responding to the global pandemic, the Government and public health managers have shown that when required they can summon the will, skill and resources to confront a major public health challenge. Yet, they seem chronically unable to address the health system’s basic needs.

IN one of her recent speeches, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said she had been attending meetings on the Estimates. That was a stark reminder that even while dealing with the Covid-19 virus, the business of governance still has to go on and Cabinet still does much business apart from managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

Your recent editorials around the coronavirus have been both thoughtful and appropriate.

The policy of allowing international travel only with a ministerial exemption is inequitable and unsustainable. Clearly a new policy based on vaccination, tests and quarantines is badly needed to allow the airport to reopen.

Some few of us appear to lack the same amount of care for the lives of Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) and Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) children as expressed for the plight of young Venezuelan illegals.

I would like to express my gratitude to Judy Kublalsingh for her column “Hypocritical Democrats” in the Express on Thursday (Page 13). Amidst the cheap rhetoric masquerading as political analysis, it was refreshing to see such level-headed discourse from someone among the local intelligentsia.

Please have pity on our doctors and nurses (our heroes). Over the past few months I have been speaking to two friends, one a doctor, the other a nurse. In each case on enquiring about “how they were doing?”, their response invariably was, “Tired!”

I write this in the context of numerous reports of breaches of the Covid-19 Health Regulations, especially the non-wearing of masks and the urge to gather at fetes.