Lennox Grant

Lennox Grant

IT takes a professional economist such as Vanus James to summon serious attention to the prospect of “industrialised tourism” in characterising a Sandals project in Tobago.

It appears from Dr James’ analysis that Sandals exemplifies “international collaborations”, combining with necessary investments, and raising “quality to global standards”, that could result in “high profit and growth”. At my distance from troubled Tobago tourism, and with my relative innocence about the business, I have defaulted to faith and hope in Sandals as a way to go, Especially so, in the absence of more promising options. Yes, it’s a gut feeling which prompts my conclusion that Tobago needs Sandals more than Sandals needs Tobago. I remain seized of the various disabling effects endured by Tobago tourism, such that Sandals appears on the horizon as a prospect promising like none other.


Although the statistics vary, reliable Caribbean and international entities suggest that the region’s sector is now delivering on average directly and indirectly about 40.6 per cent of the Caribbean’s GDP, earned the region in 2018 US$62 billion, and employs at least one in 11 of the region’s citizens.

I want us to read the recent fashion show at Holy Trinity Cathedral as a parable. We are all actors in the drama, and we all need to locate ourselves in it. This is not about the Anglican Church—it could happen to many of us. We have all blurred the lines between the sacred and the secular.

PANORAMA 2020 has got off to a scintillating start with the crowning of its first champions in the 2020 Single Pan Bands competition. On Saturday night, defending champions San Juan East Side Symphony delivered a winning performance matched only by Marsicans Steel Orchestra. Following the judges’ tally, both landed atop the table with 284 points each, resulting in a tie for first place.

Shrimp trawling has been likened (by the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC) to dynamite fishing, in terms of sustainability. For this reason, the Fisheries (Control of Demersal Trawling) Regulations specifically permit trawling on the North Coast

Corporate awards are an important part of modern business life. The awardee is established as a pillar of the community and is looked upon with favour. Most often it results in increased brand awareness and the likelihood of new customers and contracts. But awards also inform the world of what is valued by the society or community conferring the honour.