David Nakhid

David Nakhid

I came a bit fortuitously across an article by the noted environmental activist, and sometime media writer Mr Wayne Kublalsingh. I must admit that the headline for his article made me recoil in fear and turned my stomach into knots.

“SENATE shame” were the words screaming at me.

I immediately thought, what did this group of seasoned politicians and honourable men and women (including myself) do now to bring this bastion of virtue and morality to a raging whirlwind of anger, that he would pronounce to convincingly and definitively “SENATE SHAME”.

I read on in anxious anticipation as Mr Kublalsingh began to list in truly impressive detail a list of economic disasters facilitated by horrendous Government decisions that had befallen our twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago from the time of our blessed Independence.

Mr Kublalsingh’s ire was seemingly focused on some dastardly miscreant who had the temerity to implicate ALL whites and Syrians in these catastrophic events which had brought our country to its economic knees, and this senator it appears, according to Mr Kublalsingh, had done this in the Senate to boot!

I read on now, anger swelling inside my chest, swearing under muttered breath, that if I could defend those of our black and brown brothers and sisters who have been deliberately marginalised by 43 years of PNM incompetence, mismanagement and whole-scale corruption, then I must also defend all our white and Syrian brothers and sisters who have been scandalised in the Senate by this misguided man.

I read on, nodding my head in agreement as Mr Kublalsingh listed ad nauseum the varying industries from agriculture, including cocoa, citrus, coconut, coffee and sugar to the shutting down of Caroni to the poor management of the gas sector, literally frittering away millions of dollars while giving control of this industry to foreign countries.

Mr Kublalsingh went on, dragging me firmly in tow: Petrotrin gone with Malcolm Jones given “a bligh” and millions of dollars lost, hundreds of thousands of our black and brown brothers and sisters from other Caribbean nations put in squalor for their electoral votes.

I was getting angrier with each point made, “who the hell in his right mind would blame all of this on ALL whites and Syrians and not on the PNM government that Mr Kublalsingh so astutely and clearly named? And in the Senate to boot!

My anger at an all time high, I read on, as Mr Kublalsingh took a rest from lambasting the PNM government to list his bona fides to assure the readers that he certainly knew what he was talking about. Me? I couldn’t wait any longer....I skipped his bona fides to unearth the identity of this man who could so incorrectly state in the Senate, that ALL whites and Syrians had perpetrated these horrific economic crimes against the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago over the course of 58 years, who is this man, that a sanctimonious man like Mr Kublalsingh would infer was similar to Adolf Hitler by his utterances in the Senate?

Kublalsingh wrote: “It is easy to stand in the Senate and pick on the whites and Syrians. Easy targets. It is much harder to pick on Indians or Africans. Because if you pick out any of these groups, there will be uproar, racial backfire”!.

I had had enough, I went straight to the revelation. Kublalsingh: “What a shame on the Senate which allowed Mr Nakhid to pull his race-card, to get away with the glorification of his political defeat.”

Mr Kublalsingh, by your lack of research on my contribution in the Senate, you have revealed yourself as a rank and uninformed opportunist.

I have made no mention of any such subject matter in the Senate, but I do assure you that I intend to speak, God willing in the Senate, at some time about the corrupting influence a segment of the white and Syrian community has had, especially on the PNM government throughout our history which has resulted in the abject conditions that our black and brown brothers and sisters have and continue to experience as they suffer in appalling health, educational and economic circumstances, while a small percentage of the citizens of Trinbago revel and frolic in absolute luxury.

I call no one’s shame on you, Mr Kublalsingh, as you have called on me. You made a mistake and I forgive you. I look forward to your next listing of the failures of the government of the day, maybe by then you would have had justification to mention my name. Good luck with that!

Editor’s note: Here’s the unedited Facebook post made by UNC Senator David Nakhid on September 3 at 9.02 a.m.

I don’t know if it’s called integrity, stubbornness or just plain, plain bad mind, but I’ve always been like this, from Rosary Boys’ RC to St Mary’s College to The American University in DC. It’s all in with me or I move on. You will find no flip-flopping, wavering or hesitancy in calling anyone out on their duplicity. Yes, I may have to clean up my language somewhat, because I have been appointed to the Senate, and having accepted that appointment from our political leader Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissesar, I have to respect the office. Mind you, not because of the cumbersome standing orders and superficial protocols I could give two flying firetrucks about that but it’s because I now represent the PEOPLE of Trinidad and Tobago. All of you. Not a Segment, Not a constituency, Not a race.....ALL OF YOU. So even if more measured, I will be cutting that cloth of social inequity and economic injustice with the same fervour and spirit as before. I’ve been asked by both supporters and non-supporters alike about my intense focus on the upliftment of the black and brown people of the East-West Corridor, the answer is simple. It’s not, because they have black and brown skins that my energies are directed towards their liberation, but because these people, our brothers and sisters have been and are the most historically oppressed people in this country. Pre-and Post-Independence. If our White and Syrian brothers and sisters had so found themselves, there is no doubt I would have fought for their liberation with every power I could muster. Truth be told, some people of the latter mentioned groups have been the perpetrators and facilitators of the oppression of our black and brown sisters and our black skin white masks (Fanon) leaders have been complicit writ large in the oppression and corruption subsequently inflicted on the majority of the population, even up to the present day. So my mission is one of transformation. Economic, Social, Philosophical and yes personal. I don’t want my supporters behind me, I want you all next to me. I can lead as well as I can follow proper leadership but the time for blind patronage is over, if we are on this mission together then together must mean that everyone sacrifices according to their means, the heavy lifting becomes easier when everyone steps up and puts their hands, foot, mouth, shoulder, forehead, on the bar. I leave you with a mantra of my own: There are 3 things corrupt politicians and corrupt people fear most: Loss of power, loss of wealth and loss of life. Let us, the majority shareholders of this blessed land ensure the first 2 are carried out before the 3rd sadly but inevitably becomes a reality. LOVE IN THE HOUSE !!! #UNC #PL KAMLA #UNCUNITY #GREATISTRINBAGO


When I was 12 years old, my cousin gave me a copy of a book called Chariots of the Gods written by a German named Erich Von Daniken.

In his book, Von Daniken proposed the remarkable claim that the pyramids of Egypt were not built by the Egyptians but, rather, by aliens.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith sounds genuinely pained by public criticism over the seizure by the police of a reported $22 million in cash from an alleged pyramid scheme in East Trinidad.

The following is Secretary-Generalof the United Nations António Guterres’ remarks to the High-level Roundtable on Climate Ambition delivered yesterday during the UN General Assembly meeting:

The world has a high fever and is burning up.

Climate disruption is daily news – from devastating wildfires to record floods.

I have found myself viewing TV quite a lot as a result of staying at home during our pandemic.

With great concern, I have noticed the high incidence of prime time advertisements by local astrologers.

I T’S only in Trinidad you could be stuck in gridlock traffic for more than an hour and still find reason to smile, without even looking at your phone.

The rain had stopped on Tuesday afternoon and several drivers were walking up to the front of the lines of stationary vehicles to check the extent of the flood waters blocking our path outside Victoria Keyes on the Diego Martin Highway.

Last Friday the Office of the President, through its Facebook page, commemorated the 100th anniversary of the death of “Digger”, together with expressions of love and remembrance.