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THE negative responses from residents who are expecting to be dislocated by the Government’s East Port of Spain development plan suggest the need for meaningful dialo…

The collapse of the Anti-Gang (Amendment) Bill, 2020, seeking to extend the Anti-Gang Act 2018 for another 30 months was not unexpected.In contrast to March 2018 when…

The four core principles from the International Convention on the Rights of the Child are as follows: non-discrimination, devotion to the best interests of the child,…

The news has been all positive this week on the progress towards a Covid-19 vaccine. It has been a race against time since scientists all over the world took on the c…

We share Senator Anthony Vieira’s concerns about the degradation and dysfunction of the service commissions system, but query his proposal of the Government as the ap…

Monday’s discussion on urban renewal threw a much-needed spotlight on the problem of homelessness. However, while the focus was on the Port of Spain population, homelessness needs to be recognised now as a national impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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FOR the 17th time, the country is being told of promises for revival of the capital city Port of Spain.

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One of the State’s priorities, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, should be health and safety conditions at State housing. While poor maintenance is a longstanding problem with housing provided by the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Covid-19 has now made it a life-and-death.

Already whiplashed by the disruptions of Covid-19 with its overnight switch to online education, economic recession and a job market in retreat, ­today’s youths have now been hit with cutbacks in Government funding for scholarships and tertiary education, which limit their options and put higher education beyond the reach of some.


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