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The apparent neglect of the concerns of the yachting industry in this pandemic has emerged as another instance in which a potentially significant contributor to the c…

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The first lesson of the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be already forgotten. In the mad rush to secure their own vaccine supplies through bilateral deals with the pharmac…

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While in no way advocating for or supporting events that could cause a spike in Covid-19 cases, the Carnival should not be left to die without creative expression in …

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We commend Caricom for its swift and sharp response to Venezuela’s grab for Guyana’s territory as that country insists on misinterpreting the 1966 Geneva Agreement to…

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In a statement issued yesterday, the National Family Services Division (NFSD) of the Ministry of Social Development said it has come to an unlikely conclusion.

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WE are relieved to know that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is back home and resting comfortably following a successful surgical procedure on his heart on Saturday. From all accounts the minimally invasive coronary angioplasty went well in dealing with a clogged artery which he had publicly disclosed two years ago. We look forward to him returning to the job with a clean bill of health.

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We make no apologies for returning to the vexatious issue of the Government’s exemption requirement for returning nationals, which continues to be riddled with accusations of discrimination, bias, corruption and governmental heartlessness.

THAT the road death figure for the year just ended was 96 is at least cause for cautious optimism. This is as it reflects a ray of sunshine in a year in which there have been so many gloomy memories. With 25 fewer road fatalities than experienced in the previous year, this turned out to be the lowest such record in 63 years, a similar figure having been ­recorded in 1957.

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The saga of the unused State-owned helicopter exemplifies the wanton misuse and wastage of public funds in the absence of an effective framework for State accountability.

Neither the People’s Partnership government that leased the Sikorsky S76D helicopter in 2014 nor the government of the People’s National Movement which has owned it for the past six years can divest itself of the responsibility for this multi-million-­dollar wastage.


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