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Spooked by the emergence of another Covid-19 variant that may be more aggressively transmissible and possibly evasive of the vaccine, global markets went into turmoil…

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With the population reeling from the news of yesterday’s record-breaking 31 deaths and 624 new Covid-19 ­cases, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley delivered a 45-minute a…

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WITH a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, the International Monetary Fund’s latest staff report on Trinidad and Tobago has succeeded in getting the IMF on the right side of Finance Minister Colm Imbert.

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Just when the country should be putting up its toughest battle against Covid-19, the mood seems to be one of surrender and exhaustion with a willingness to throw caution to the wind.

With records being broken for hospitalisations and deaths, the

national will to fight seems to be evaporating.

The pre-election splurge by the PNM-led Tobago House of Assembly (THA) draws attention to constitutional loopholes that should be addressed.

Here is an administration which went in with a comfortable majority for the election which was held in January this year and came out in a dead heat with the challenger party.

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Wednesday’s signing of a production sharing contract between the Government and Shell (Trinidad) for developing the Manatee offshore natural gas field is a significant step forward in securing the country’s gas supply.



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