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People across the Caribbean, particularly those of us in the regional unity grouping Caricom, joined with their brothers and sisters in the islands of St Vincent and …

It was inevitable that the national vaccine roll-out would fall victim to allegations of policy breaches and favouritism. Indeed, this newspaper warned about this whe…

The calculated viciousness of some of the responses to the news of the Prime Minister’s positive Covid-19 test is disappointingly revealing about the psychology of so…

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OUR country went into the busy four-day Easter weekend with a steady rise in new Covid-19 cases and we emerge from it having endured renewed banning of recreational s…

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THE statistics on child abuse released by the Children’s Authority and published in yesterday’s Sunday Express cry out for a whole of Government response to plumb the…

The closure of the police investigation into the murder of Asami Nagakiya raises too many questions and issues to be allowed to disappear into the past.

It is not enough for the Police Service simply to announce that its Cold Case Unit has determined that she was murdered by a man who was killed by the police in December 2016, and that its evidence has been seen and accepted by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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If the message had not sunk in before, it should do so now. Trinidad and Tobago is in a third wave of Covid-19 infections and poised for trouble unless we pull back now.

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WITH five days to go before it starts rolling out the first stage of the national Covid-19 vaccination programme, the Government should prioritise public information,…

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The murder of 15-year-olds, Simeon Daniel and Antonio Francois, following their escape from a safe house run by the Children’s Authority was far from inevitable and requires a full investigation.

Both were at-risk children who had made it safely into the hands of the State and still ended up dead.


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