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The position led by Caricom chairperson Mia Mottley and publicly endorsed by the governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua and Barbuda on this week’s meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is well-grounded and informed by respect for the integrity of Caricom.

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat has once again raised the national scandal of fraudulent land transactions which have been taking place all across the country.

The public is beginning to get an insight into why the Government has been dragging its feet on the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act.

EVEN if one were to give the benefit of the doubt to National Security Minister Stuart Young regarding his allegation about a criminal conspiracy to destabilise the country, his judgment would have to be seriously challenged.

Potholes on public roadways remain irrefutable signs of life in Trinidad and Tobago today.

There are apparently no clear solutions to these perennial problems. As road users, a weary population has essentially given up hope of solutions being proposed, much less implemented. On major roadways, equally as on minor roads, in built-up areas to the same extent as in villages and communities in rural districts, dilapidation is a fact of life. Often, generations of nationals go through this lived reality of bad roads and their deleterious effects on life in these areas.

It is difficult to square the long list of achievements cited by Chief Justice Ivor Archie in his last report against the reality of court cases that routinely take a…

The Attorney General should curb his impulse to fling around such words as “dangerous” in responding to Justice Frank Seepersad’s ruling in the challenge to the Sedition Act.

IT is not going to be business as usual, the Commissioner of Police promises, as he outlined plans for the establishment next week of a specialised Gender-based Viole…

TODAY, as it emerges from yesterday’s tenth anniversary of the deadly earthquake of 2010, Haiti enters a new and even more dangerous phase of rule by decree.


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