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Mia Mottley’s bold gamble to call a snap election just three years into her five-year term has paid off massively with a historic consecutive clean sweep by the ­Barb…

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Since it would be too much of a stretch to refer to a series of stage performances as Carnival, the Government has decided to offer instead a “Taste of Carnival”.For …

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With its tight schedule and broad mandate the committee established by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley “to investigate the factors contributing to clinical outcomes of Covid-19 patients” has its work cut out for it.

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The Government owes the nation and, specifically, the Hindu community, an explanation for its almost-two-year ban on open-air pyre cremations.

While Thursday’s removal of the ban has been greeted with relief in many quarters, it does not eliminate the need for the Government to explain a decision which, for 22 months, had denied people the opportunity to observe funeral rituals sacred to them, and to do so at a reasonable cost.

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Between being watered down and delayed, the country’s much touted effort to rein in corruption through procurement legislation has been reduced to a damp squib.

It is going on seven years since the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act was passed in Parliament.

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The Ministry of Health’s response to the public claim by three young people of having suffered serious side effects from the Pfizer vaccine is disappointingly tepid and evasive, and has done nothing to shore up public confidence.



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