After many years of recommendations, national discussions and official promises, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) finally introduced a pilot project on body cameras for its officers in July 2017. At the launch of the pilot project, then acting police commissioner Stephen Williams listed the benefits of the technology, most related to greater transparency in policing and the bonus, celebrated by Mr Williams, of crime-solving.

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THE Trinidad and Tobago population in 2019 is put at 1.395 million, moving from 1.26 million at the turn of the century.

WE truly wish we did not have reason to return to this issue, but we do and so we must.

NOT one to take criticism lying down or to rely on others to toot his horn, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on Friday presented the media with a cache of self-generated statistics, shifted the goalpost as needed, threw in a graph or two and evaluated himself as having succeeded in rolling back crime in his first year in office while offering a guarantee of even better to come.

Listed as the country’s newest State-owned “emerging oil and gas company,” the major aim of Heritage Petroleum is “to focus on exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil”.

With mere hours to go before the official opening of Carifesta 2019, the leaders of the country’s premier cultural organisation is in public dispute with the Minister…

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We hear the caution against over-celebrating the performance of national athletes at the recently concluded 2019 edition of the Pan American Games, but we feel certain to be forgiven for cheering loudly and optimistically a feel-good moment in these times of political and social confusion.

The twists and turns of public life in this country occasionally throw up a moment so bizarre that it’s impossible to choose between laugh and cry.

TWO problems of the education system that are perennial banes of parents and which education authorities appear helpless to solve are paid extra lessons and textbook revisions that raise suspicions about built-in obsolescence.

IT may be too much to expect politicians not to exploit every opportunity for advantage. Nevertheless, we feel obliged to encourage UNC Member of Parliament for Oropouche South Dr Roodal Moonilal to at least try to exercise some care in his public statements. 

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