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AT the funeral service of the late Ray Watkins two years ago in Arima, scores of people came to pay their respects to a man identified as one of the founding builders…

IT is a well-established fact that politicians consort with gang leaders and other nefarious characters in the quest for electoral advantage. It is an ugly development in T&T politics, spawned in the vacuum created by decades of poor parliamentary representation which has brought gangsters into the role of political enforcers and organisers of the vote for a price. It is a devil’s deal that has corrupted the democratic process, emasculated the parliament and shifted power to dangerous extra-parliamentary forces. Nonetheless, it is an option embraced by politicians in pursuit of office by any means necessary and regardless to price.

ONE year ago, during the debate of budget 2019, Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal grabbed headlines with the claim that he had a document from a bank in Miami into which millions of dollars had been deposited.

Citizen action appeared to be taking a new turn when residents of Bamboo Nos 1, 2 and 3 got together this week to consider and promote solutions to their flood-stricken plight.

FULSOME praise is due to the captain, the coach and members of the Barbados Tridents, winners of this year’s Hero Caribbean Premier League T20 extravaganza, which clo…

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LAST Friday’s cross-talk in Parliament was an ominous signal of what the electorate will have to endure over the next eight weeks leading up to local government elections on December 2. The tone is already being set by racist and sexist innuendoes and low blows from self-serving politicians playing to the lowest common denominator in the usual race to the bottom.

HAITI’S economy is paralysed. Demonstrators fight police, block roads and loot stores several times a week. President Jovanel Moise is avoiding public appearances. And many people from political parties old and new are vying to become the country’s next leader.

At the centre of the still-unfolding circumstances around the alleged maltreatment of scores of people housed at the Arouca Transformed Life Ministry (TLM) is the inadequacy of State-provided services for the wide swath of vulnerable people among the national population.

The fore-day morning raid yesterday on the multi-purpose rehabilitation centre in Arouca must act as a spur for the society to begin to address fundamentally the emer…


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