Sangre Grande Permit me to sin­cerely thank some  very wonderful people who looked after me during my recent stay on Ward Three at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

The entire surgical staff was tremendous, but especially the illustrious Prof Narinesingh and Drs Hasranah, Sarah Dial, Beharry­singh, Bhujawan, Grant, Lee, Ramsewak, Hosein and Cassandra Joseph; and nurses Fortune, Dollo­way, Fraser, Bullen, Guppy and Blackette. My apologies to all those whose names I have missed, but your service was greatly appreciated.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our Minister of Health that because of the outstanding level of health care given at the Sangre Grande Hospital, people from all over the country flock here to avail themselves of the services offered.

As a result, the usual supplies needed to ren­der proper care are over­taxed and run out very quickly. The only painkil­ler available was Panadol. Even bed linens, pillows, dressing swabs, paper and many other essentials were in very short supply or non-available.

So please, Minister Deyalsingh, could you kindly and expeditiously arrange that all needed

supplies are made avail­able for those who access the services of the best hospital in Trinidad, and thus make it easier for the beautiful people who work there to continue the great job they are doing


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