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I have read and listened to Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte responding to talk of an increase in WASA rates of 35 per cent, and referring to it as “fake news” and United National Congress propaganda designed to hurt the Government.

Research via the Heritage Library at NALIS indicates “that although organisations such as Pan Trinbago and the National Steel Orchestra were established through Acts of Parliament (see link to the Hansard record

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AS someone who frequents Lady Chancellor Hill for evening workouts on weekends I always wondered about the rowdy goings-on in the mountainous structure located on the final bend.

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Wasn’t it enough that there was public outrage against the infamous Bayshore barrier last year? The barrier was subsequently removed when media coverage revealed that it was being closed without official permission from the Diego Martin Regional Corporation (DMRC).

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Here we go again, trying to turn this small democratic country laden with policemen into a war zone, by bringing armoured vehicles. These vehicles were invented to be used by the military in areas of war.

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