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Would somebody please remind the loyal Opposition United National Congress (UNC) and the trade union movement we are in a crisis, and that scraping the bottom of the barrel for negatives is not at all helpful.

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T&T may have to send money to Barbados to pay for taking care of our citizens from the cruise ship! The PM should have sent a flight to return Barbadians, etc, and pick up our Trinis, and quarantine them here immediately.

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Permit me to change the focus from COVID-19 to an unsanitary situation in Princes Town that, if left unchecked, can also lead to the spread of some unknown disease. I wish to highlight two places of concern.

I call upon the Prime Minister of our country to stop pussy-footing with our lives and declare a state of emergency (SoE) immedi­ately.

Who would have thought our lives could change so drastically in the blink of an eye.

A virus thousands of miles away in China has spread like a wildfire under our blazing tropical sun.


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