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Congratulations, Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, pannist and musician extra­or­dinaire. The timing of the bestowal of the honorary doctorate title by The University of the West…

IN 2013, Orville London created history in Tobago when he led the People’s National Movement (PNM) to a 12-nil victory in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election.

Tourism in Tobago is more a dead horse being beaten (to use an unfortunate metaphor) than a phoenix which will ever rise again. The Scarborough History Walks share th…

Despite the fact that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president to lead a divided nation during the civil war of 1860, he said, “America will never be destro…

Your recent editorials around the coronavirus have been both thoughtful and appropriate.

The policy of allowing international travel only with a ministerial exemption is inequitable and unsustainable. Clearly a new policy based on vaccination, tests and quarantines is badly needed to allow the airport to reopen.

Having been born in 1945, I have had the experience of seeing this island nation survive from Independence to now, and I have one question to ask of the citizens:

I loved the headline in the Express of January 8, 2021, “Woof, woof”. In all honesty, I casually dropped my paper in the car without really taking a closer look on what was written.

SO Gregory Aboud jumped out of his corner and suggested that we have a Carnival celebration. And one of the reasons why everybody is upset is because they say it is too little, too late. Is it possible that he is too far away from our perceptions of who can speak about Carnival with authority? Are we being biased?


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