AS stated by our Prime Minister and affirmed by a TV6 News poll, it’s quite obvious and accepted that a few public servants aren’t exactly earning their pay. Other people will address that for the millionth time. I prefer to highlight the opposite to what’s stated —the plight of the overly efficient worker, both of the public sector (yes, that exists) and private sector.

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In the 1940 Narvik/ Norway debate in the UK House of Commons, the most famous parliamentary debate given that it changed the course of World War ii by bringing Winston Churchill into office, Conservative MP Leo Amery told sitting prime minister Neville Chamberlain, “In the name of God go”.

While the PM was speaking at a handing over ceremony of 200 police motorcycles from China on Wednesday, the best thing he could have thought about saying was that many public servants produce absolutely nothing but make the most noise when their salary is late?

So Gary Griffith has received a passing grade, according to an Express poll, amid the escalating crime and low detection rate.

I looked on, as with great fanfare, as the PNM launched its Central Regional Office or “Balisier House Central”, prominently placed on the Southern Main Road in the C…

It was exciting. It was inspiring. It was promising, and we the people were hoping that when “massa day done”, we would finally be free of British rule. This freedom …

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Thankfully, I just had a great lunch of stewed kingfish and provision. With a satisfied stomach and enjoying the green hills of my Santa Cruz Valley, plus a cool moun…

Recently, an individual drowned at a particular estate pond. Loss of life is tragic and sad, regardless of the circumstances. My sympathies to his family. Water is nothing to play around in. Sea water offers a certain amount of buoyancy, not so pond water.

On Saturday night at NAPA, I saw an excellent production of Errol John’s play, Moon On A Rainbow Shawl, part of Carifesta. It is rare that quality theatre is seen in Trinidad and rarer still to see it for free—as all Carifesta events are.

Our country’s Independence Day celebration is fast approaching. I want to do the unthinkable and nominate Marlene McDonald and her co-accused to receive our nation’s highest award. I hope it isn’t too late.

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