Elections in Trinidad and Tobago are a reflection of the society; believe it or not, everything just goes helter-­skelter. The utterances that come out of most candidates’ mouths are mind-­boggling to some citizens.

There are non-­resident inmates of St Ann’s who are allowed to roam the streets, byways and highways of the twin island, to deposit garbage on the minds of the population.

They rant and rave, displaying a “showcase of abnormal behaviour”, blocking roads, pathways and residential gateways, with little concern for law and order.

Expletives are dispatched with high-pitched tonal quality, paying no attention to melody or change keys. “Red” and “Yellow” offering to paint the landscape orange for the next five years.

You hear so-called intellectuals, political rejects and young minds, to a little extent, excreting balls of saliva to their constituents without fear, favour or goodwill.

It’s all about “power”, nothing else. It’s one’s right to vote or not to vote; no way anyone can prove to me otherwise because, in the final analysis, “all lives matter”.

There are folks who have lived abroad for almost all their lives, did nothing to build the twin-­island nation, but receive grants from abroad and here; that is fraud.

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed all of them; suddenly they become patriotic and are sobbing to come back home because they are now at high risk in a viral atmosphere, blaming it on slavery and indentureship.

“Are these people for real?” It couldn’t get better than this. It’s a mixture of the sacred and the profane. “Not my vote.”

I was just looking at TV6, TTT and CNC3, and the “Red” and “Yellow” have taken over the networks. There is no news or other information, etc, just political propaganda. “Where the money coming from?”—but they say the country has no money.

Earl Martin



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