Minister Stuart Young, I am driven to send this plea to you, because my little girl called me on Friday and couldn’t stop crying. I wasn’t able to hear all of the conversation but I was able to get just enough to know that she has reached her breaking point.

Mr Minister, whilst I understand that her situation is not unique in any way from any of the other people out there also experiencing serious uncertainty and hardship because of this pandemic. Please, believe me when I say that I fully understand that this government needs to look at the safety and well-being of its citizens.

My daughter would have sent a letter requesting an exemption on more than one occasion. She was able to send the same request again last week, and I thank heavens that she was able to do that. Because as of this week she has been rendered homeless, alone and very afraid.

Mr Minister, I don’t want to lose my daughter in this unfortunate and unforeseen situation. I want her back. I want to see our investment soar and reach unimaginable heights. So please, Mr Minister, I need my daughter to be returned to us and I need her alive. As a mother it is difficult to function when I’m not in the know. I don’t know if she has eaten, and with winter already in the air, I don’t know if she has a warm place to rest her head or if any place at all.

Maria Jones-Serrette

via e-mail

I am hopeful that you and your staff will assist us in ensuring that this young lady be returned home to the loving and nurturing arms of her family.

Thank you Mr Minister for taking the time to read this plea and I pray that you will be able to do everything in your power to ease this mother’s pain.


IT is one thing to declare a stand in solidarity with the government of a country, but the diplomatic sleight of hand which tends to include “the people” in any such statements often ­deliberately ignores the reality.

Hey, KFC and Royal Castle!

I am sure you are aware we Trinis (men in particular) really like curried chicken gizzards. We eat them “just so”, or with sada roti, hops, or whatever for breakfast, cutters or appetisers.

Tactless, impertinent and downright stupid.

These are my adjectives to describe Gary Griffith’s public attack on the Prime Minister, who simply expressed an insightful observation over widespread public rage at what was perceived as a biased response by law enforcement officers to the Bayshore Towers pool party amid Covid-19 restrictions.

The Patriotic Organisation of Trinbago extends greetings to our nation on the occasion of Republic Day, tomorrow. The watchwords of Discipline, Production and Tolerance, as given at Independence in 1962, remain relevant to this day.

I am thanking T&TEC’s Public Lighting crew, Gasparillo, for its timely response.

A few days ago, I reported a blown street light at Chin Chin, Cunupia. We, the residents, endured a few days of darkness.

While suicide continues to be a difficult topic to discuss, it is far too important for us to ignore or to stigmatise in this society. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), suicide prevention continues to be a universal challenge, as suicide annually falls in the top 20 causes of death globally.