Beetham dump

I will not ask why is it that we did not relocate the Beetham Waste Disposal (garbage) site when we still had petro dollars, neither will I seek to finger blame.

The issue has long been with us. We should have dealt with it. This issue had been discussed to exhaustion more than 25 years ago, and I thought we had arrived at a decision.

Yet today, we continue to be plagued not only by this unsightly entrance into our beloved city, but we all have continued to endure the innumerable negative health effects, the smoke, the visibility problem to traffic and road users.

Do we need to be reminded that the “dump” also poses a fire hazard to the entire city and the environs, particularly the loyal residents of the Beetham Housing Development, the Sea Lots Industrial Estate or the Port, Laventille and several surrounding communities?

The time to deal with this issue is now.

The media, the professional bodies, the Medical Association, the planners, the architects, the engineers, the community groups, the universities, the Law Association and all right-thinking people who love this country must demand urgent action.

Failing this, we all will continue to pay the price we can ill afford.

The Beetham disposal site has emerged into a full-blown national disaster, developing in plain sight.


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