Today on this glorious day of Eid, Muslims are celebrating a return to their normal way of living, having sacrificed the finer things of life during the month of Ramadhan.

Unfortunately, Muslims as well as non-Muslims, in many countries, are not alive today due to Covid-19.

They are unable to enjoy this “recurring happiness” which is the meaning of the word Eid, as used in the Qur’an by the Holy Prophet Jesus, as is stated in Chapter 5, Verses 112-114:

When the disciples said: O Jesus, son of Mary, is thy Lord able to send down food to us from heaven? He said: Keep your duty to Allah if you are believers. They said: We desire to eat of it, and that our hearts should be at rest, and that we may know that thou has indeed spoken truth to us and that we may be witnesses thereof.

Jesus, son of Mary said: O Allah, our Lord, send down to us food from heaven which should be to us an ever-recurring happiness.

Today food is also on the lips of every person, as the lockdown due to the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in most countries. Here in Trinidad and Tobago, there are those who have lost their jobs and are unable to put food on the table.

Thanks to Allah that He has inspired the hearts of people of all faiths and nationalities to be charitable to those who are less fortunate than themselves.

May we continue to acknow­ledge His divine presence in all our affairs and seek His assistance in overcoming the challenges we now face.

Eid Mubarack.

Imaam Iqbal Hydal

Iere Village Mosque


World Environment Day 2020 arrives with the news that notwithstanding the dramatic Covid-19-induced reduction in carbon emissions, the level of carbon dioxide in the air is at its highest in recorded history.

As T&T’s most prominent columnist, I often get bombarded with questions from fans wanting expert advice on complicated subject matters. For example, Kathy, who works at Scotiabank Credit Card Centre, writes: “Dear Darryn, your failure to reply leaves us with no choice but to commence legal proceedings.”

Let me restate my point of view that genuine recovery depends on a few key things: 1. Managing the Survival Phase; 2. Restoring Closed Businesses; 3. Recoup and Retrieval for Businesses as they open; 4. A National Recovery Strategy; 5. Immediate Action of Economic Restructuring, 6. Building a New Economy post Covid.

“Every politician who has tasted power, and many who counted for little, has gone to war with the media. If they didn’t, that would signal that journalists were not doing their jobs, that they were too busy prostrating to power to do their duty to country.”

It’s been a bad week in the United States: six nights of protests, huge anger, rioting and looting in 50 cities, hundreds arrested or injured—but only six dead over the police murder of George Floyd. The number may have gone up by the time you read this, but it’s definitely not 1968 again.

SO the Opposition Leader would like to know whether the Minister of National Security recused himself from the Cabinet which awarded a lucrative contract to his brother’s firm. Of course he did. Just as the Attorney General recused himself in the decision to award a rental contract to his relative.