Ferdie Ferreira is a virtual walking “search engine”.

He has walked the walk. He has seen and practised politics from several activist and political sides. He has written on our politicians and politics. He has earned a special pride of a unique place in our hearts and minds, as an authority and historian, in these matters.

He spoke! And Gerald Ramdeen replied in a letter to the Express editor, published on Friday June 26, 2020. In this article, shameless Ramdeen challenged Ferdie’s recount of some aspects of our history.

My first problem is that Ramdeen will not hide his face from us in this society! Why does he feel that he is to be respected and even heard?

Lawyer, fired senator and politician he is. Cannot sit in the Senate, though not because his leader would not want him, but because of the anticipated public outcry.

He cannot sit in the Senate, because he, in spite of the warnings from the PNM, has put himself in a place where he has been charged with serious criminal and corruption-related conduct.

Both he, and the Lakpatchiya’s choice for the exalted position of this country’s attorney general!

Ramdeen told Ferdie the Indian segment of this society prospered and will continue to prosper, not with the support of; but in spite of the PNM.

In other words, the PNM oppressed and discriminated against East Indians since Independence.

Many of those that this Ramdeen purports to speak for will not agree. Many are grateful for the opportunities that Mother Trinbago has offered to all her citizens, from Independence to this day, in all aspects of national life.

Many would acknowledge that our chances may not have been so good in the countries of our origins.

He listed several of what he thinks are examples. One was the Manning government’s attempt to remove my old mentor and friend, the then chief justice, Mr Sat Sharma, from office.

In all Ramdeen said, he seemed to have forgotten the evidence of a former chief magistrate (an East Indian) and a former DPP, that they were approached to influence the case against a high-ranking doctor for conspiracy to murder.

Has Ramdeen not forgotten that there was also an affidavit from a Court of Appeal judge (Trinidad white!), which corroborated the evidence of the chief magistrate and the DPP, in the first complaint against the then chief justice?

In all of his reply to Ferdie, Ramdeen forgets the behaviour of those whose “discrimination” he now highlights, including at times, despicable and corrupt behaviours!

That is why we value people like Ferdie, to recall the history, lest we all are misled to forget. We must always know and maintain the critical and spiritual difference between legality and morality.

Lest we too forget. The UNC scores low on both.


“WHAT a saga!” says my London editor. Well, yes. Guyana’s racial-political soap opera has been running since at least 1953, when Britain’s prime minister Winston Churchill suspended the constitution and sent in the army. He did not like that year’s election result. The chief minister, Cheddi Jagan, and his wife Janet were jailed for six months.

WE commend Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for inviting Caricom and the Commonwealth to send observer missions to T&T’s general election of August 10. Since 2000, foreign observer missions have been a standard part of T&T’s election landscape and we see no reason for objecting to them.

SOME 23-odd years ago, I had what I thought was the good fortune of moving into Glencoe, a residential area in the north-west peninsula. In those days, circa 1997, water was delivered three times for the week and in the evening times

“Taken for paupers though we make others rich, for people having nothing though we have everything.”

—2 Corinthians 6

The first time I went to help the Living Water Community hand out food bags to the needy, my friend said, “When you see all the people, you will feel something.” She was right.

An extrajudicial killing is one done in a country, by one or more persons, without the benefit of any legal process. Regrettably, some African, many Latin American, quite a few Asian and a handful of European countries practise such barbarity.