Of late, some head-turning events to the good of the country have been taking place, like the return to the A&V case and the Government/Opposition unity on the Bail Bill, but this unprecedented investigation into a Cabinet minister takes the cake!

Is there something in the air? The public perception is that it would have taken just one phone call from the top to call off the latter, for it seems the accepted pattern for the Government is to protect its own, and for personnel and institutions to cower under the prospect of administrative censure and the inevitable disfavour.


The Guyanese population is back on the legal merry-go-round this morning in the latest episode of the political soap opera that is Guyana’s election.

I write against the backdrop of unsettled racial tensions that have spread across countries as people who are angered by the oppression of blacks shout the call for justice, love, peace, and an absolute eradication of discrimination.

First, there was the issue of the charges and the manner in which they came to an abrupt end one day last week.

If the Prime Minister did one good thing during his term of office, it was the closing of Petrotrin.

Keith Rowley leads a Government that has abandoned transparency by refusing to proclaim procurement legislation and bypassing all rules and going shopping for billion-dollar boats, among other things, while sabotaging the sea and air links to Tobago and severely damaging the island’s economy.