Question: I am a US citizen and I would like to travel to the US with my child who was born in T&T. Should I apply for a visa for my child or are they eligible for a US passport?

Answer: By law, US citizens, inclu­ding dual nation­als, must use a US passport to enter and leave the United States. A child born abroad may be eligible for US citizenship and a US passport if at least one parent is a US citizen. Before submitting an application for a visa, the child’s parents should review the requirements for transmission of citizenship on or contact the US Embassy’s American Citizen Servi­ces section at

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To transmit US citizenship:

• At least one parent must have US citizenship at the time of the child’s birth, and there must be a blood relationship between the child and US citizen parent(s).


THE low esteem in which the population holds key national leaders and institutions is once again underscored in the latest Express -commissioned poll which is published in today’s edition.

The government’s decision to dispatch up to 150 soldiers to The Bahamas, plus other Jamaican efforts, public and private, to provide relief to that country in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, present the kind of solidarity when neighbours are in trouble, as well as vindication of the functional cooperation arrangements with the Caribbean Community (Caricom), of which both countries are members.

Have we reached peak fascist in Europe? Well, all right then, peak hard-right nationalist, but are we there yet? That would be reassuring, and three events in the past week give some cause for hope.

Ezekiel was a prophet living and ministering during the Babylonian captivity. He lived through what seemed like God’s utter rejection of the people of Israel. Seeing them every day without access to the temple, living in a foreign land subjected to foreign culture and rule. It was as if God declared that He was no longer the God of Israel. Every hope that Israel had was dashed to the ground. This was the Babylonian captivity.

Our nation is at a crossroads. Saturday marked the fourth year of the Keith Rowley administration in office, and this is time for honest contemplation about the dishonest measures that Dr Rowley took to get into office, including the complete fabrication of a national scandal of fake e-mails. After four years, they have not a single discernible achievement.

The animal-loving people of Trinidad and Tobago were horrified and incensed to learn that a newly-acquired kangaroo at the Emperor Valley Zoo suffered and eventually died. The cause of death, according to zoo officials, was the trauma suffered from the pounding explosions and daylight inducing bursts of brightness at the Independence fireworks display at the Savannah grounds adjacent to the zoo.