Bakr fails to show up in court

Yasin Abu Bakr

Who the hell does Yasin Abu Bakr think he is?

It has been reported he has issued a “last day warning” to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, saying that if injustices against blacks aren’t dealt with, they “will see what will happen”?

Firstly, if the ruling National Alliance for Reconstruction at the time had seen to it that this lawless individual had received justice tantamount to his crimes of murder, for several lives were lost because of a coup initiated by him, citizens would not be in the position today where they are now fearful of another coup. Criminals guilty of seditious acts like Abu Bakr are dealt with harshly abroad, put to death in certain countries because of their rebellious and murderous acts; but this cross was given amnesty? Eh?

I recall one young woman whose life was turned topsy turvy because her mom was a casualty in 1990. And Abu Bakr has the luxury of posting a video to Facebook threatening the Government?

Yasin Abu Bakr, you are not a law unto yourself, even though you may think so. You are not God! How dare you threaten the Government of Trinidad and Tobago? Who the hell are you? You present yourself as a saviour of the people but several lives were lost in 1990 because of you. Several lives were thrown into a tailspin because of you, and you believe yourself a saint? A saviour to the people?

You are a criminal! You are lawless! You are not to be revered, but shunned and in prison. You ought to have received capital punishment.

In your eyes, you believe you are worthy of praise; but for what? Fomenting rebellion against the NAR in 1990 and causing the death of several citizens?

I do hope the present Government takes this threat seriously, and deals with this man the way he ought to be dealt with.