In good times we squandered. In bad times we mismanaged.

I honestly thought a lockdown in part or in whole was no longer an option. We have neither the finance to support a lockdown, nor the resources to rebuild.

While international experts have convinced me they know very little about the virus, our local team is a living example of cluelessness, contented with repeating failed strategies with the hope of getting different results.

Those on whom we have depended to guide us out of the pandemic are now out of ideas and reverting to the blame game: stop the sale of alcohol; no more in-house dining; limit social gathering and detailed supervision of a delinquent population. Is there an explanation why some people in authority have been afflicted with Covid-19?

Our Covid-19 Response Team is too reactive. At one stage we never had the virus, but suddenly we are besieged by it.

Where did it come from? No one knows. Where did it pass? Through the porous borders? How is it spread? By touch or through the air?

If a perfect vaccine is the solution, the population of the world will slowly disappear. What was or is preventing the decimation?

Trying to scare the population into “proper behaviour” will not suffice. A daily update of historical data is useless. Notice how the positive cases and deaths escalated with testing. Time to use the data to make projections and apply our best strategy.

In the present mode, economies will be impoverished. What is to be expected if 1.4 million people were to be tested? How many positive cases and deaths will emerge? The element of surprise and alarm will disappear and the planners can become proactive and an effective strategy executed. Knowing the worst scenario gives us a better chance at solving the problem.

Did I hear them say they will still try to enhance the immune system outside of waiting on the gracious vaccine? Or will the blind continue to lead the blind?

People, Covid-19 is like all other diseases. It is here to stay, co-existing in the same space as humans.

Diseases are seasonal, and if man lives according to the seasons, he will automatically prepare himself for what will befall him the succeeding season. Covid-19 at its peak cannot be defeated, but can successfully annihilate the population.

There is one alternative left—protect ourselves using the immune system and be guided by nature.

Growing up in the country rearing ducks and chickens and a few pot-hounds, I witnessed how everything in existence had the protection of mother nature.

When animals got sick, they wandered off into the bushes, and nature guided them to eat a particular herb. Soon they were back in the yard, coughing up what was causing the discomfort in their stomach, and health returned.

No vet was called to the rescue and no pre-packaged meals designed for the ailing. Our parents were the doctors; nature the pharmacy and obedience the dosage.

Can civilised man match that harmony? Can science be so accurate? Using chemicals synthesised in a factory cannot restore health. How else can we deal with Covid-19? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Lennox Francis

via e-mail


We urge everyone who, whether mindlessly or maliciously, is sharing erroneous, partial and manipulated information about the Sinopharm vaccine to consider the harm they are doing to others.

The working week began with a shock, as a result of which we must ask the Minister of Health for truthful answers.

The Prime Minister hosted a news conference on Monday last, in which he announced increased lockdowns. At that event, our trusted Chief Medical Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram, disclosed that he had drawn attention to “the worrying trend of climbing Covid-19-positive numbers since early March”. He did so after more ministerial lectures about our personal responsibility not to contribute to the further spread of the Covid-19 virus by “gathering”.

THERE are times when I feel ashamed of being Trinidadian. On such occasions, I feel almost like a traitor, having to admit that some of my countrymen are bringing shame and disgrace to our otherwise proud nation.

BASED ON an assessment by Johns Hopkins University, Trinidad and Tobago is now ranked fifth among countries in the developing world, India included, with the highest rate of Covid-19 infections.

TERRENCE Clarke was on the cusp of achieving the goal to which he had aspired for the 19 years of his life: a career in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Today we celebrate the declaration by French statesman Robert Schuman in 1950 of the proposition to create a pooling of European coal and steel production.