AS of Tuesday, the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) advised the public yet again that the water levels in our three main reservoirs are well below where they should be for this time of year.

Around October 2019, we learned that DESALCOTT was being paid millions to provide water for the thirsty domestic population.

For the entire year, most of Trinidad’s population has been on some sort of water schedule.

The message between the lines is that we are facing a water crisis.

For those who think the most important resource is oil or gas, I must tell them that history states otherwise.

The statement from Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte as quoted in yesterday’s newspapers leaves much to be desired; he said he is not a “magician”.

The grand solution is a water schedule for three days a week, oblivious of the reality that water has been rationed to some parts of the island for most of the year.

Citizens, as far as I know, pay water rates for days and weeks without water. I am not aware of any discount WASA gave them for reduced or non-existent service.

We can speak about plumbing issues, booster stations to move water from the under-half capacity Hollis Reservoir to South, but it is never without a complaint about previous governments (regardless of the political fence) not paying attention to this issue.

Minister LeHunte, you are only being called out because you are the one in charge at the moment. We cannot do anything about the past, and we are not living in the future, but in the present, we can certainly act.

The job does not require you to be a magician, it requires you to recognise that you have been charged with managing T&T’s most precious resource and therefore demands that you be proactive in dealing with it.

Water is too precious to be politicised. So if it requires more wells, let us dig them. If it requires more reservoirs and dams, let us build them. If we need more desalination plants managed publicly, let us build and manage them.

Vedavid Manick

Sangre Grande


THE term “sexual harassment” is fairly recent in human history. Generally, cultures embraced the idea that the female body was an object to be consumed, like a meal. We know times have changed; but we are not so naive, or untouched, to believe the practices of the past have vanished.

SO, the first oil to be extracted from Guyana’s bountiful wells in the Stabroek Block will be divvied up between ExxonMobil and its two partners, Hess and CNOOC. Guyana is to be allotted its first lift around February next year. This is according to the head of the Department of Energy (DoE), Dr Mark Bynoe, during a news conference on Wednesday.

For the better part of the last four years, interests in Trinidad and Tobago have been gearing up in more ways than one to seek to benefit from and to contribute at the same time to the coming boom in neighbouring Guyana.

HE never moved around without his cuatro in hand. As a teacher, the master-blaster in lyrics would have taken his much cherished God-given possession to school, both to teach and to entertain.

Election fever is once again in the air in Trinidad and Tobago. So it will be commonplace to see the community representatives taking their walk throughout the length and breadth of our neighbourhoods, calling to us from behind our fences to come and have a little chit-chat with them and to see them in the flesh.