IT is with heartfelt thanks and appreciation I wish to say thank you to the kind residents of Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain.

On Wednesday I was a passenger in a San Juan taxi involved in a serious accident that left me traumatised and physically injured. During the accident I was trapped together with two other passengers in the car that landed in a knee-deep drain of filthy water alongside the Beetham Highway, the vehicle’s doors sealed shut and the driver in a daze.

As the putrid water surged into the car and smoke billowed from the engine, some young Beetham residents who were nearby, without a thought for their own safety, rushed forward and forced the doors open.

Within minutes, I, other panicked passengers and the dazed driver were pulled to safety.

Our rescuers, more than a dozen people, young men and women, stayed with us and comforted us until the police and ambulances came, within minutes, I must add.

Today, I want all of Trinidad and Tobago to recognise that there are many good, caring, selfless, respectable people living in Beetham Gardens and we should not stigmatise them because of the actions of a misguided few.

Beetham residents’ actions on Wednesday have strengthened my belief that there are good people everywhere.

Jennifer Wellington Charles

Mt Lambert


The upsurge of 24 new Covid-19 cases over the past 14 days needs to be fully addressed by the government.

With 10 of these cases having been confirmed in the four days between Monday and yesterday, the public is waking up to the reality that T&T has entered the dangerous new phase of community spread. And yet, from a public health policy perspective, it would appear that nothing has changed in response to this new worrying development.

An open letter to the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith:

It appears that one Kate Mc Mahan of the UK firm Edmonds and Marshall Mc Mahon (EMM) is advising the Commissioner of Police to circumvent the input and advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in order to obtain search warrants to search the premises of Dr Roodal Moonilal before the date of the general election.

THE West Indies have lost the series against England 2-1 and the English have shown themselves to be the far better team. The English simply switched gears on us and ran away with the last two matches.

A great deal of fuss is being made by the Opposition concerning the issue of election observers for the August 10 general election. They seem to think that the presence of observers will ensure that the election is free and fair. But observers do no such thing.

IT is absolutely amazing to hear the utterances from the T&T Unified Association (TTUTA), as well as from the Ministry of Education (MoE) regarding the incidence of Covid in a very few schools.

Despite the Government’s claims to be following “the science” in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Education ministry’s proposed plans for re-opening schools contradicts everything we know about the virus.