Big, bad and totally wrong

There is a belief among many persons that weaker people are put on Earth to be taken advantage of by the strong and this is typefied by the behaviour of some countries on the world stage.

Absent from that perspective is recognition that such situations are best dealt with by the persons who have suffered from their depredations.

Thus the people of the United States must deal with their own demons, as must the people of Venezuela. To seek to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state is the most extreme abuse of power conceivable.

Unfortunately, the one country that believes it has that right because it is the most powerful nation in the world has succeeded in getting the rest of the developed countries to cower before it.

In Iran, where it has been acknowledged that the agreement to avoid the development of nuclear weapons was being adhered to, Donald Trump, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, insisted on imposing sanctions on that country to the utter destruction of its economy and the impoverishment of the population. Guess who suffers!

Venezuela voted for the current president, whether fairly or otherwise. How that becomes the business of the US is a mystery.

Sanctions imposed on that country destroys its economy. The country soldiers on. Again, who suffers? Certainly not the government.

The US has not learned its lesson from Vietnam, or, more recently, from Afghanistan, where it has failed after 18 years to dislodge the insurgents, and continues blindly to fight a war it cannot win. All its propaganda to convince the rest of the world has come to naught and it is desperately seeking to extricate itself from a lost cause.

Tiny, insignificant Trinidad and Tobago must continue to carefully manage its public position in these situations if it is to avoid getting ensnared in the duplicity of some of the leading nations of the world.


When I was 12 years old, my cousin gave me a copy of a book called Chariots of the Gods written by a German named Erich Von Daniken.

In his book, Von Daniken proposed the remarkable claim that the pyramids of Egypt were not built by the Egyptians but, rather, by aliens.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith sounds genuinely pained by public criticism over the seizure by the police of a reported $22 million in cash from an alleged pyramid scheme in East Trinidad.

The following is Secretary-Generalof the United Nations António Guterres’ remarks to the High-level Roundtable on Climate Ambition delivered yesterday during the UN General Assembly meeting:

The world has a high fever and is burning up.

Climate disruption is daily news – from devastating wildfires to record floods.

I have found myself viewing TV quite a lot as a result of staying at home during our pandemic.

With great concern, I have noticed the high incidence of prime time advertisements by local astrologers.

I T’S only in Trinidad you could be stuck in gridlock traffic for more than an hour and still find reason to smile, without even looking at your phone.

The rain had stopped on Tuesday afternoon and several drivers were walking up to the front of the lines of stationary vehicles to check the extent of the flood waters blocking our path outside Victoria Keyes on the Diego Martin Highway.

Last Friday the Office of the President, through its Facebook page, commemorated the 100th anniversary of the death of “Digger”, together with expressions of love and remembrance.