There is a tremendous old saying that “we do the best with what we have and the future is revealed”, most times positively. But what if we fail to make the most of the opportunities we are presented with in life?

This is the most important question now facing West Indies cricket as we are confronted by the ghost of West Indies’ cricket future, Brian Charles Lara, standing ominously in the path to our return to greatness under the guidance of astute manager Phil Simmons, in a manner that would make Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol proud.

The sad situation in which “The Prince of Port of Spain” left West Indies cricket is still a sinister spectre that haunts the Caribbean village today. This is because there is a code of honour in sport and in life that says that you rise or fall based upon someone that you chose to honour or dishonour respectively, and it is a public secret that West Indies cricket dishonoured Lara.

I became a fan of Lara while we were both schoolboys, with me failing miserably at cricket at St Stephen’s College while watching in awestruck wonder as he soared at Fatima College. I could not hold a place on my team while he was already obviously destined to be a great one. But I could write a bit, so I devoted my energies to being a sports writer, honouring legends like Lara, Sir Clive Lloyd, Sir Vivian Richards, Andy Roberts and Michael Holding, among others, as I played my beloved cricket on a keyboard after leaving school.

However, it is still a bone of regional contention that West Indies has not truly treated our cricketing legends well. There are others beside Lara today who have a sour taste in their mouths from real or imagined slights by the regional cricket administrators while West Indies watch Australia, India and now even New Zealand build champion teams by completely copying our cricketing icons and the teams of Lloyd and Richards.

It is an important law of metaphy­sics that says when you love and properly honour a great one of hu­ma­nity, you gain access to their energy for the rest of your life, yet to this day, there is no properly celebrated, official cricketing hall of fame structure for West Indies cricketing icons.

In the meantime, other cricketing nations continue to enjoy periods of greatness similar to theirs while our cricketers cannot access the greatness of yesteryear, and until West Indies develops a proper code of honour in West Indies cricket, Lara would remain the ghost of West Indies’ cricket future, blocking our path to renewed greatness along with his fellow legends.

Fitzroy Othello

Princes Town


Digging up into the drinking habits of cricketers of yore has been quite a sobering exercise. The frequency of boozing was at levels that could easily qualify a majority of them as alcoholics. I am not talking solely of West Indian cricketers here

More than a week after the terrifying explosion at the NiQuan gas-to-liquids plant in Pointe-a-Pierre, residents in the immediate surroundings in Marabella were on the streets again this past Wednesday.

THE Covid-19 pandemic will cause the demise of some businesses, especially in tourism, hospitality and personal services. Other businesses, notably traditional media (newspapers and television) and mobile telephone companies have been under severe pressure for some time due to technological change.

Womantra and the 2 Cents Movement have both survived firestorms of social media criticism that they allegedly mishandled accusations of either sexual harassment, gender-based violence or sexual grooming perpetrated by persons in positions of leadership. Ironically, both organisations are engaged in much needed work which can fundamentally change our cultural landscape, but they risk being perceived as part of our systems of oppression.

I refer to a letter by Noel Kalicharan in the Express on Thursday (Page 15) in which he quotes from the AstraZeneca vaccine insert, “Currently there are limited data on the efficacy of Vaxzevria in individuals aged 55 and older.

Napolean Hill, the American author who focused on positivity and success, said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Undoubtedly, these are very trying times during this covid pandemic