Thank you, Dr Rowley for your leadership and pursuit of development projects to bring benefits and relief to citizens, despite scarce resources. Please build the Toco-Manzanilla highway now, as planned, because stopping the project now is tantamount to the OPV cancellation saga, a royal fumble, setting the country back, say, ten years.

Having campaigned and won the election with the Toco-Manzanilla highway as a plank on your platform, it would be political suicide to stop the project now. Folks in the North East region suffer daily discomfort (like a pebble in one’s shoe) from trekking the treacherous access roads. Infrastructure development transforms lives and communities. So holding endless consultations on the issue is like, as Tanty Kojo would say, “taking torchlight at night to look for what can be seen plainly in daylight”.

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A LOT has been said about the rule of law recently. And not just here in Guyana. In the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the target of a slew of criticism for his comments that he would not ask the European Union (EU) for an extension to the Brexit deadline if no deal is reached with Europe by October 19.

Hurricane Dorian, from various quarters regionally and internationally, has registered in the minds of many people as a tragedy never to be forgotten.

Cereal, eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausages have practically become standard breakfast fare. When did that happen in the Caribbean? Someone in Tobago wrote to me after last week’s column, where I was trying to persuade people to look carefully at food labels and to think about food choices.

The word “precognition” is derived from the Latin combination of “prae” meaning before and “cognitio”, which means “acquiring knowledge”. Quite succinctly, it is a claimed psychic ability to see events in the future. 

The untenable rant by the teacher at the Tranquillity Government Primary School is a classic manifestation of a systemic failure of leadership at an institution which is critical to the ultimate political, economic and social well-being of our society.