Stollmeyer's Castle at Queens Park West, Port of Spain. Photo: Richard Charan

Like so many other citizens I am overjoyed at the restoration of Stollmeyer’s Castle, Whitehall, President’s House, Mille Fleurs and most importantly, the Red House and the imminent return of our Parliament sittings to this grand location.

However, I read a quotation recently on Third World development which says, “All too often development in the Third World means the over-development of objects and the underdevelopment of people”. Now, that gave me real pause, because what is the value of gleamingly restored historical buildings when many of our young citizens feel so left behind that they would rather burn these buildings down than treasure them.

Yes, fellow citizens, while the rich may never get into heaven, the poor are already serving their term in hell and they need a lot of help if we are to ever evolve from the heinous quagmire of increasingly violent crime being perpetrated in every corner of our once peaceful country.

Indeed, we must all wake up to the fact that as long as the increased wealth which progress brings goes mainly to build up large fortunes and illuminate the contrast between the haves and the have-nots, progress will never be real and cannot be permanent.

In this regard, we could all do well to remember these important words from late American statesman and president John F Kennedy: “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

Gregory Wight



AS the country continued to push past the tipping point for probable calamity concerning infections and mortalities from Covid-19, there came news that more vaccines are on their way.

I’D hoped that bringing up the ungovernable appearance of house lizards might have elicited a response from a couple of herpetologists. Disappointingly none came; but many people shared their experiences and theories. There was much to learn from these personal stories, and they broadened my sense of community, so I want to share some titbits from a few.

People are heeding every dicta­torial command blurted out and shouted down to them by the Prime Minister. So much so that no one is stopping to think how what they are doing might be to their detriment.

The “facts” from the medical experts et al seem to point to a virtual mini-India in the making in seven to ten days, that dark possibility no less diminished by the unmistakable insinuation from higher up of virtual death for non-compliance, in the comment to naysayers that, “I hear you because you are alive!”

The Covid-19 death toll has increased exponentially in such a short time that we have now seen the true effects of an incompetent and inefficient Ministry of Heath and its hand­ling of the pandemic.