I can no longer postpone the submission of this letter in light of the horrendous barbarism spewing a bloodbath destroying our nation. It summarises the accumulation of some thoughts over several months. Even if the intent of one potential murderer is extinguished, I would feel my effort would have been worth it, for in essence, two lives would have been saved.

Not yet being privy to any work by our scholars, scientists and thinkers in relation to the tangible cost to the country or GDP when a murder is committed, please permit me to put forward some views.

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If we agree that labour and human capital are essential ingredients for economic growth and development in a nation state, then we must concede that murder and mayhem surely drastically pauperise a people. Therefore, Trinidad and Tobago is getting poorer by the hour as the life of citizens evaporate, some are maimed and others are incarcerated.

The extermination of citizens is a crime against one’s own creation. Taking a life insults the creator and signals the relinquishing of a happy future for the killer no matter how much wealth he accumulates.


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