I was really shocked and bothered by the Express report on the Bayside Towers incident.

I also live in a gated community, and all the residents are very well aware that there can be no gatherings of more than five people in the common areas of the private property, due to the Covid-19 regulations.

It is alarming that those Bayside residents could be so clueless and irresponsible. Then, to compound matters, they get a warning!

Look at the difference in treatment when the young Black youths were made to lie on the ground when they were found at the beach, in contravention of said Covid-19 regulations.

Didn’t the very police go into private homes and put an end to private parties?

The Police Commissioner has to come up with a better excuse than “a sticky situation”.

We, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, demand equal treatment.

Rhonda G Wilson

via e-mail


It appears from their television interviews that the Community Recovery Committee headed by Anthony Watkins is proceeding with the task given to it by the Prime Minister, namely, “to find solutions to address some chronic problems in urban and semi-urban communities”.

The response by CXC Registrar Dr Wayne Wesley to widespread complaints about CSEC and CAPE results from pupils and teachers across the region demonstrates an unacceptable level of contempt for the public served by CXC.

The economic situation, locally and globally, is far more uncertain today than usual. This includes the difficulty of predicting oil and gas prices, even demand for Pt Lisas’ petrochemicals, which have been made impossible to estimate by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The work of the desireless doer can rightly be expected to be better than that of one driven by desire for the fruit.”

—The Gita According to Gandhi

At the beginning of last week, a disturbing video began to circulate on social media.

During the last administration I warned “when you lead a nation, you can’t be intellectually lazy”.

You then fail to recognise critical issues, like cancerous social decay eating at the innards of the society; the endemic institutional dysfunctionality cheating citizens of their just due; and the global energy revolution transforming the world economy and reshaping modern life. Your ignorance hurts your country. “When you govern, you have a duty to know.”

When I look back at it, my life that is, the many sharp, unpredictable turns I made that often intersected with the history of my country, I cannot help but feel fated to its destiny, inextricably linked to its history.