As one of the many privileged seniors who simply turned up and was efficiently given my Covid-19 jab at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Monday, I would like to sincerely congratulate the Ministry of Health on what I consider a great piece of public service.

With all the reports, rumours and fake news about the virus and its variations, it seems to me that our Government has been holding this runaway train well in control on the tracks of discipline, dedication and plain unadorned love for its citizens.

My experience was a very useful one, in that I was able to directly observe how patient, understanding and resilient these country’s health workers could be while working under extreme pressure in what must be overwhelming circumstances.

For those of us who like to make comparisons, it will help us to recall the many systems which collapsed all over the world under similar pressure, even though run by people reputed to be far more competent and qualified than we are.

If the nickname “Terrible Terry” was conferred because of the magnificent job which Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh is doing as leader of his team, then let him carry on—and may he apply the same principles of Trinidad-style excellence to his other areas of endeavour. Let him play himself like Minshall’s “Saga Boy”, colourfully break-dancing down the New York parkway for US VP Kamala Harris to see and feel her Caribbean rhythm deep inside, with Haiti on the wing.

In this connection, praise is also due to our Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, and his Cabinet, leaders in all fields, and the people on the whole as we rally round T&T in the resolve to tear off this old Covid mask so that we can start the real Carnival.

Rudolph Williams

St James


The revered wheels of justice have been demonstrated once again, in the society that is Trinidad and Tobago, to have ground mercilessly too slowly in the just-ended Sean Luke murder trial.

Headaches these days have been unusually oppressive. I hadn’t realised quite how snugly I fit into the “sensitive groups” affected by the Saharan dust. Eyes gritty, ears heavy, nose sneezy, skin itchy; the antihistamine lends relief, but with a blanket of drowsiness.

IN 1964, we were two years old as a country. I was a 17-year-old boy, in Form Five at Southern Polytechnic, downstairs of a house on Roy Joseph Street, San Fernando, scratching my way, Winston Dookeran, young version, being one of my teachers.

The move to expand the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) makes sense to a minority that wants to assert Tobago autonomy; whereas Tobago as an island, within the unitary state, essentially and practically does not really have any need of it.

NBC Sports pundit Ato Boldon has objectively argued that T&T will not earn a medal in this year’s Tokyo Olympics, based on our athletes not being highly-ranked in their various events. Nevertheless, T&T has a strong chance of medalling if a few of our athletes rise to the occasion, and are well supported by the public and social media.