I have seen letters complaining about potholes and I often ask myself, do we have commercial and industrial citizens in this country?

Take a drive by Atlantic Plaza in Point Lisas. There is a pothole the size of a crater on the moon.

I would like to ask, where is the landlord of the mall or Point Lisas Industrial Estate that they cannot have the pothole filled so that they can have a pleasant entrance when entering the mall from the western gate?

Take a drive along Gaston Street in Chaguanas. Driving along that road is like driving on the ocean!

Can’t the businesses along this street have it repaired so that their workers and customers’ car tyres can “kiss” the road good?

The road at the back of Pricesmart in Chaguanas presents the same problem.

The Carlsen Field Road helps alleviate the traffic on the Chaguanas Main Road. Surely the resident business owners can bring in materials to fill some of the holes there.

The residents are not asking for a runway.

We keep asking for individual citizens to be civic-minded. Where is the civic-mindedness among our corporate citizens?

Andrew Morris



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