Had it not been for the fact that corruption takes food out of poor people’s mouths and stymies the growth of a county, I would find letters to the editor that draw comparisons to previous administrations, in an effort to mitigate Marlene McDonald’s alleged sins, amusing. Corruption is corruption.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley allegedly had access to the same information as the police, but didn’t act.

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The media provided unquestionable forensic ­evidence of McDonald’s alleged actions for all to see. What did the prime minister do? He reappointed her.

Dr Rowley could never be comfortable with the “farse” police carrying out an ­investigation without his approval. Minister Fitzgerald Hinds told the country the prime minister was unaware of the police investigation, when the entire country was eminently aware it was ongoing.


MAYBE it should be called the watermark. It’s the measure of how-low-can-you-go in an age when spending cutbacks become the default practice in government. Months ago, it was the National Library that could not commit to supplying drinking water for staff.

THE abrupt dismissal of Wilfred Espinet as chairman of State-owned Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Ltd (TPHL) and three directors is a very worrying development.

ON behalf of all the angry people that clamoured for this to be exposed, let me lay it out at the outset: The Ministry of Culture needs properly to account for the distribution of tickets for the main stage events of Carifesta, which was ill-considered, unfair and discriminatory.

FIRST it was the United States. The shale revolution moved that country from being an importer to a leading exporter of oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG), pushing Trinidad and Tobago out of the US market where we were once the sole LNG supplier to America’s eastern seaboard.

IT used to be that you couldn’t beat the People’s National Movement (PNM) when it came to election strategy and election campaigning. We may have to reconsider this truism. This time the PNM might be sleep-walking into an unpleasant election defeat.

THE spread of the massive wildfires in the Amazon has made newspaper headlines across the world. Young people read this as yet another example of our failure as their elders to preserve a sustainable home for them. This feeds into the apocalyptic vision of some but perhaps more commonly, increases their sense of anxiety and panic which we see manifesting in almost every home.