Covid-19 has now become the new buzzword from all tongues across the globe. But it is not a pleasing word, nor is it a word to give all mankind any hope for the future. Despite rigid attempts in science to find a cure, Covid-19 continues to spin the heads of our scientists, medical experts, political leaders and the world society. And it has thrown all of us into oblivion.

Covid-19 has shown no respect to religion, science, technology or the soothsayers. But it continues to drain not only the minds and thinkers, but the coffers from all parts of the world. Great empires and leaders have faltered with the passage of time. And pandemics have only put a strain on their might, killing millions of people, and draining treasuries as never before.

Covid-19 has become a salient feature of our lives as it is not pleasing to anyone. The bulky treasuries with billions of dollars have all sunken low, and it is now erupting a psychological, financial and emotional stress now and into the foreseeable future.

Whether it is religious, economic, political, psychological or humanitarian, the world society is at a great crossroads, one that historians would find ideas and thoughts about its presence on the planet.

The more we hear of slowing down, the next morning we learn of inflated soaring figures. Of deaths and infections. Over the course of history and humanity on the planet, we have had to endure world wars, political conflagrations and insurrections, famines, environmental disasters, the dethronements of leaders who thought that they could not be moved, but subsequently lost power.

Check history, and you will note that, at every moment, there were landmark issues that are marked for posterity. But I concur that Covid-19, so far, remains the greatest challenge of our time. And no one knows when it will end, or how long it will continue. No cure is in the immediate future. Forget what others may espouse. There is no comfort. No peace in the world. Covid-19 could erupt into a total world conflagration, but not seen before in human history. And yet world leaders continue to parade the globe promising bold preventative measures, but they are yet to become viable or visible or felt.

What perhaps is needed is a reconciliation among all world leaders—economic, political, social, environmental—and the like to forge new paradigms for the future of mankind and the planet. No one is positive or sure when Covid-19 would end its trials and tribulation on mankind. Historians have their plates overflowing with information and statistics to write about. They better start now.

Economic planning and the several social revolutions pontificated by the network of multilateral agencies have not added any new dimension to eradicate or erase Covid-19.

I concur that Covid-19 could be challenged and we will win the war. Remember it is not a battle we are fighting. It is war that requires sincere military and economic precision in terms of managing it. Covid-19 has shattered the hope of all mankind. Whilst it has shrunken the world, on the one hand, it has also separated the world as it seems that we do not have one world, but several worlds on this planet Earth.

But we must not give up, but rather carry on. One of the major features of the world is that it needs a total reinforcement of all the thinkers, particularly the religious, sociological and economic ones, aimed at fostering a new agenda for mankind. A new world view, if you like.

Paras Ramoutar

via e-mail


Inexplicably, more than 24 hours after announcing the imposition of a state of emergency and curfew effective midnight on Saturday, the Government failed to publish the supporting regulations giving legal effect to the curfew and other measures until last night.

FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Covid-19 is a real threat, but we cannot allow fear to overcome us.

Fear is an adaptive response in the midst of trouble. When a threat is uncertain and constant, as in the case of the coronavirus disease, fear tends to become chronic and burdensome.

I am a 17-year-old student in Trinidad and Tobago and on the eve of my exams during this difficult time I have been feeling abandoned by my education system and by my government concerning the handling of my CSEC exams.

No, no, no!

I just read about an alleged “ribbon cutting ceremony” to be held on Monday for the field hospital, at the Jean Pierre Complex.

Is this the level of stupidity that our politicians have reached?

Is the field hospital going to be a permanent fixture?

A state of emergency is the exceptional power of a government to suspend certain rights or freedoms where some event—usually war, disease, or natural disaster—threatens to undermine the very fabric of the state in question.