The most serious threat of Covid-19 is to seniors. Seniors with co-morbidities are like sitting ducks, easily eliminated.

In their twilight years, many citizens regularly attend their various churches. In other words, the congregation is dangerously congregating.
It is not about the Chief Medical Officer and staff being unkind or unfair. Many senior citizens are still unvaccinated. Those suffering with co-morbidities are perishing first, and especially so if unvaccinated.

Social distancing in church can be achieved to a certain extent. But being Trini to the bone involves hugging and kissing long unseen friends.

Also, most important is the fact that children, vaccinated or not, and of all ages, are contracting the Delta variant of the virus. Many T&T children are taken care of by grandparents.

Unless T&T is fully vaccinated, we are moving backwards to March 2020. All children should be fully vaccinated. Parents, please get real.

There is a far worse scenario playing out in Tobago. It can be alleged that a combination of politics and religious observance may be delaying full vaccination of the island’s citizens.

I have said it before and it bears repetition. The cruise liners and some airlines could avoid the island while there is vaccine hesitancy.

Lynette Joseph
Diego Martin


After looking the other way while multiple regulations were breached under their noses at the funeral of ­Yasin Abu Bakr, one wonders where the Police Service will now find the moral authority to enforce the law against anyone.

Asked to explain, Deputy Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob told the Express “it wouldn’t have been wise”, and that “certain decisions” were made because “it was felt that it might have made matters worse” had the police attempted to take ­action.

SOMETHING has to be said about the fact that Yasin Abu Bakr died on the night of the day on which the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago was said to have again been disgraced.

“Politics has a morality of its own,” said Mr Basdeo Panday, the then-political leader of the United National Congress in early April 2005. Paraphrasing what he also said at that party’s caucus, “Politics is more important than professional integrity.”

Much of what transpires in this country is deterministic, forced by our history. Politics, the quest for power and the right to dictate what we say and do here, is the dominant preoccupation.

Recently we heard schools are not safe zones and were not set up to be safe zones since they are not places of entertainment.

However, if children can sit in a class to listen to their teachers and do their work, how come they can’t sit comfortably in a movie theatre to watch a movie?

Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Divali on November 4 against a backdrop of socio-economic challenges not seen before. Our nation is crying out for leadership at all levels of society.