Last week during a post-Cabinet news briefing, the prime minister indicated he would not be referring the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago’s (LATT’s) report and findings against the chief justice to the president. The prime minister formally advised the LATT of that decision this week.

In my view, the prime minister acted fairly, reasonably and dispassionately in the circumstances.

As a preliminary matter, I will indicate I voted against referring the LATT’s report to the prime minister in the first place. As I saw it, the LATT’s report contained matters and allegations that were already in the public domain. There was nothing new contained in the ­report, save for certain “findings” that were made against the chief justice in that report.

Those “findings”, in my view, could not be relied upon, as they were either based on hearsay or double hearsay. As a matter of principle, therefore, I could not support the referral of such a report to the prime minister.

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Turning to present events, the call by some senior members of the bar to judicially review the decision of the prime minister is, with ­respect, perplexing and fraught with difficulties.


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