Qatar is currently hosting the 2022 football World Cup.

Just before the World Cup started, there was a proliferation of negative articles in the Western media (UK, US, Israel, and so on), about human rights abuses in Qatar.

What made this worse is the deliberate and massive disrespect of Qatari culture, by the Western countries.

England’s World Cup team flew into Qatar on a Gay Pride jet, openly flaunting the LGBTQI+ agenda and, pointedly, insulting the hosts of the World Cup.

This is a classic case of the “pot(s) calling the kettle black”. It shows the hypocrisy of the colonialist and imperialist countries.

Who has done more human rights abuses than the US and Western European countries?

But one is not supposed to utter these words, because it would jeopardise one’s effort to get a visa, to enter those countries.

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 allowed seven European countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and England), to divide up the African continent amongst themselves. Of course, no native from the continent was given a say in this matter.

King Leopold II of Belgium carried out a systematic programme of rape, mutilation and genocide of millions of Congolese.

The arms and legs of children, as young as four and five years old, were chopped off, and some were killed outright for failing to meet their rubber and mineral quotas.

As recently as 2010, “former Belgium foreign minister Louis Michel and the father of future Prime Minister Charles Michel (2014-2019), called Leopold ‘a hero with ambitions for a small country like Belgium’ (BBC News)”.

The American war in Vietnam, which they took over from the French, saw horrific human rights abuses when planeloads of napalm bombs, made by The Dow Chemical Company, were dropped on innocent citizens.

The Jews, rightfully so, will never let the world forget about the Holocaust which was carried out by Germany. They brand any Holocaust denier as an anti-Semite.

However, anytime the Slavery discussion comes up, Western governments, both American and European, say that it is not important and one should forget about it.

In other words, the descendants of slaves should stay “dumb and dotish”.

How many people know that under American law, for economic and representation purposes, a slave was considered to be three-fifths of a human being?

Jim Crow laws were passed, after slavery was ended, to legalise racial segregation in the US. These laws denied slaves and their descendants the rights to vote, to work, to be educated, to inter-marry, to drink from the same water-coolers as others and so on.

Codes were instituted in the Southern states to marginalise former slaves. These Codes worked together with “labour camps” where prisoners were treated as “enslaved people”.

There was brutal punishment, including the lynching of very young children, for perceived breaches of the laws.

Apartheid, in South Africa, was fully supported by Western governments. For the uninitiated, apartheid was an institutionalised and legal system of government, in which people of different hues were not allowed to inter-mingle. It was a ruthless and very powerful system of segregation.

There were many state-sanctioned abuses under apartheid and Western countries were very reluctant to condemn the South African government.

Economics trumps human rights every time.