It would seem as if the criminal element in Trinidad and Tobago did their time and have now come out of quarantine.

Over the past few weeks there was a drop in criminal activities in the country but we are now seeing a spike in murders.

This week alone we have learned about five murders in one day, execution-style, with four murdered together, together with people being arrested for ammunition and drugs. To date our murders stand at about 190 for the year which is plenty for a country with just 1.4 million.

I am appealing to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). While taking guns off the street is excellent, the source of their entry into this country is even more crucial. I would like to suggest a beefed-up police presence at all legal ports of entry.

The importation of these guns is clearly a well organised business. This is a big business in Trinidad and Tobago and the relevant authorities need to find ways to effectively deal with this. Boys on the streets are not the ones behind this. In my opinion this is well planned criminal activity.

Put a stop to the illegal importation of those illegal guns in Trinidad and Tobago and I guarantee you there will be a drop in crime. Let’s work together to save this blessed land.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan


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