Every word spoken is geared to grab that important extra 15 minutes of fame.

Watson Duke, leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) of Tobago, made a comment that seals his reputation for being wilfully discordant, ignorant and foolish.

So, what is new? Why use the “N” word and thereby allow people to agree he is as educationally poorly outfitted? Wearing expensive, paid-for distressed designer jeans at an allegedly $.5 million launch party at an upscale hotel did not make him politically beautiful and extra clever.

As we say in local parlance, who he feel he is, boy? God?

For whose political benefit is Mr Duke deliberately talking politically obscene nonsense?

Black T&T citizens must follow his black advice to vote or not vote in a democracy?

The sitting People’s Natio­nal Movement (PNM) bent over backwards to ensure no permanently employed public servants (80,000 on record) lost their job, 2015-2019. What is on offer from Mr Duke and his alleged back door handlers? Sixteen-per cent increases in monthly salaries? Paid for by whom? From where?

For me, the insult to my ­senses is that Watson Duke believes people of all races must be stupid. Read my lips, Watson. Gaze into your political mirror at a man with a sign around his neck that reads “Last mentally enslaved black man for sale”.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin


The Darryl Smith report, published exclusively in the Sunday Express over the past two weeks, has blown the lid on the Government’s cover-up of the deeply disturbing pay-off to the personal secretary of former sports minister Darryl Smith.

Now that Trinbagonians have already successfully completed their “shopping mayhem” per “Black Friday Sale: Back to Black savings with huge Discounts,” “Black Friday super sale,” “Black Friday 3-Day Sale,” “Black Fry–Day Deals,

I had, had it and then some. Here was yet another, what I call armchair expert in mental health, telling me that by abstaining from the local government election because of the vagueness and bias of two intersecting pieces of legislation: The Mental Health Act and the Municipal Corporations Act, I was perpetuating the stigma associated with the mentally ill.

Advent is about waiting in joyful hope. Visiting the prison during this time has opened the season’s mystery in new and exciting ways.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith continues to blame lawyers for doing their jobs. In every criminal matter in court there is a prosecutor who may be a police prosecutor or an attorney from the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office.

Into the valley of death rode the 500! If the statistics are accurate, the death rate in T&T will continue to climb as we near the end of 2019. Five hundred lives already lost to homicide – whether it is by gun violence, domestic violence, or robberies.