I foolishly thought the voice and will of the people decided an election. What an underhanded attempt by the PNM to steal the election.

Firstly, Colm Imbert’s issue ought not to be with Barry Padarath or the UNC. The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC)—the constituted election body—has approved Padarath’s candidacy, which means as far as it is concerned, he has met all the required stipulations.

Notwithstanding, the Covid-19 procedures, including quarantine for returning nationals, are without precedent.

If Padarath should have been allowed to break his quarantine to personally file his nomination papers, then what’s the purpose of even implementing a quarantine period?

Why has the EBC chosen to remain silent on the issue? The EBC, through its legal team, ought to have cleared the air on this allegation almost immediately. Will voters in Princes Town be allowed to go to the polls amid Imbert’s propaganda that should Padarath win the election his appointment as MP can be legally challenged?

And what does this have to do with a matter raised by the Opposition leader that the wearing of masks cannot be a factor regarding one’s right to vote? The EBC has since authenticated this.

On the issue of the EBC turning away voters supposedly displaying symptoms of Covid-19, what procedure will be put in place to determine this? The EBC needs to clarify this stipulation, as supporters of all political parties can be impacted by this “vague clause”, which has the potential to backfire as the EBC can be accused of denying some voters their constitutional right.

Come on, EBC, please clarify these issues before the polls open.

S Mahabir

Port of Spain


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