Despite the fact that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president to lead a divided nation during the civil war of 1860, he said, “America will never be destroyed from the outside, but if we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Not all we hear or see on CNN is factual because the whole truth about this invasion or insurrection was delivered to us at random while the events were unfolding, and there was no means to verify why a protest became an attack on democracy.

But today we have discovered via the media not only Donald Trump advocated for his patriots to invade Congress, but at least two Republican senators, among others, have stood up declaring Trump was the winner, even though he lost 60 lawsuits by his appointed judges.

But that was not the crux of it all.

It was reported that Ali Alexander, a black person and a devout “Trumper”, said on CNN he had the support from Senator Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, among others.

And if that was not enough, Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who was once a renowned and respected mayor of New York, said on CNN that one way to get the job is “trial by combat”.

In addition, it was reported that some visitors were conducting reconnaissance or surveying the entry and exit paths on January 5—a day before the attack was carried out.

So that tells us that this insurrection was a premeditated plan, it was orchestrated by Republicans for the president who couldn’t accept that he lost the election.

He is the only president who was impeached twice.

The attack is a wake-up call that even the strongest democracy has the potential to crumble whenever we falter or drop our guard.

Jay Rakhar

New York


The large gathering outside the Hall of Justice on Friday night should indicate to the authorities that the public ­anger that erupted following the kidnap-murder of Andrea Bharatt has not dissipated and is unlikely to do so.

With our two main political parties each having their vast majority support in one of the two major races in the country, tribal allegiance protects politicians from the full brunt of public opinion, the ultimate guarantor of democracy.

Accountability is therefore low in this virtually bifurcated society of repeated betrayals and broken promises by politicians. We live in national sin.

Last Sunday’s column touched on multiple subjects about which there is a lack of straight answers. The range of coverage seemed well received, but there was a common observation: “you left out WASA”, referring to the notorious statutory body, the Water and Sewerage Authority.

The outrage expressed by many people over the most recent case of the abduction and murder of a young woman is understandable.

We cannot believe there exist among us depraved people who are capable of committing atrocities, inflicting extreme violence on women with seemingly consummate ease and callous detachment.

Coming out of the meeting between the Prime Minister and the 12 elected Assemblymen in Tobago—six PNM and six PDP—there is an attempt to negotiate the establishment of an interim arrangement of the THA structure.

The concept of interim arose out of the meeting preferring one of two options outlined by the Prime Minister as possible election scenarios

The Covid-19 pandemic occurred at a time when humanity is at a cross-road. Climate change, the global plastic scourge, ethnic tensions and social divisions were magnified with the many lockdowns worldwide.

The world cannot continue to ope­rate the way it did pre-Covid-19. Honest introspection, coupled with the personal and political will to change, is mandatory for our survival.